Ayra Starr claps back at online trolls criticizing her stage outfit


After her Stockholm concert, the celestial being Ayra Starr took to social media to clap back at trolls criticizing her outfit during her Stockholm performance.

This is not the first time Ayra Starr has faced controversy over her clothing choices. During her performance, the international star wore a pink two-piece. Ayra Starr took to social media to thank her fans and promised to perform again the following year however she also sent a strong warning to several men who thought they had a say in her outfit choices. She wrote, "A bunch of useless men in my CS telling me what to wear and what I shouldn’t, shey e ni ise ni ? MF clout chasers".

The Sabi girl made it quite clear that such people who criticized her outfits were not her musical target audience. "Like I said everything I do is for the girlies and stay the fuck away you are not the target audience! Disgusting". Many fans supported her on the act that she could do as she pleased however media personalities like Daniel Regha and David Onyemaizu had counter opinions.

The Afrobeats singer has repeatedly stood up for herself and her outfit decisions. This won't be the last time trolls criticize Ayra, and she will continue to protect her choices.

Ayra Starr received a nomination for Best Afrobeat Artist at the now-cancelled MTV Europe Music Awards. Rema won the category. David Guetta's new song titled "Big FU" featuring Ayra Starr and Lil Durk will soon get a music video.