Asake talks about his dream to work with Kanye West


Asake is the latest interviewee on the Billboard News show. He talks about the future of Afrobeats, his dream collaboration, and more. 

Asake is undoubtedly one of the greatest musical exports to come out of Nigeria. His debut album, Mr . Money With The Vibe is the highest-charting debut album for an African artist. Recently, he sat down with Billboard news anchor Tetris Kelly for an interview. Here, they talk about Afrobeats and its future, Asake’s dream collaboration, and more.

When asked what he thinks of the rapid growth of afrobeats, Asake has glowing things to say. Especially as the Grammys is awarding a Best African Musical Performance category next year for the first time ever, Afrobeats is on the rise globally. Asake thinks that the growth of Afrobeats benefits everyone. The artists, the fans, the country and the continent all stand to benefit from Afrobeats becoming a global phenomenon. He’s excited to see what will happen in the coming years and he’s excited.


When asked how he puts so much energy into his live performances? Asake laughs a little before giving his answer. He says he likes to put himself in the shoes of his fans. What would they like to see since they have paid money to see an artiste they enjoy? Asake wants to give them an unforgettable experience so he wants them to see that he’s giving it his all. He even mentions that sometimes the stage is not enough for him and he feels too far from the fans. In those cases, he dives into the crowd to be closer to the fans.

Asake also speaks on his pants ripping at his London show. He was dancing so energetically that his pants tipped. He talks about feeling embarrassed but still wanting to give a good performance. So he went off stage to change into new pants and went right back to performing.

Asake was also asked how it feels to be the highest charting African artist debut in history. He said it makes him feel like he can do bigger things since he accomplished that one.

In addition, Asake speaks on his new album, Work Of Art. The album which went number 1 in 42 countries, was an amazing journey for the artist. He talks about how he keeps trying to make new things and outdo what he has done in the past.

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During the interview, Asake also speaks about what makes a good collaboration to him. He stresses that he must have good synergy with the person in order to make a good song. He then says that his dream collaboration would be with Kanye West because he loves his work.

Asake’s career is not stopping its rise anytime soon. Fresh off his two wins at the 2023 edition of the Headies Awards, we can’t wait to see what he does next.