Asake sparks social media buzz with guitar-smashing on-stage performance


Nigerian singer, Asake has set social media abuzz with a recent on-stage performance that saw him garner attention by destructively handling a guitar in a viral video.

The artist, who has been actively sharing glimpses of his personal life, particularly his relationship, showcased a different side during the unconventional act.

In the viral footage that surfaced on X today, Asake appeared shirtless, swaying his bowed body from side to side, creating an atmosphere that suggested an almost possessed demeanor. Maintaining the intensity of the moment, the "Lonely At The Top" hit singer navigated to the center of the stage, where he dramatically threw up a red handkerchief before slamming the guitar onto the floor.

The ecstatic crowd, responding to the unexpected turn of events, erupted in unison cheers, swiftly pulling out their phones to capture the intriguing moment.

Asake's unorthodox stage behavior drew varied reactions on social media, with some applauding the artist's boldness and others expressing surprise at the unconventional display.

Notably, during the performance, a saxophonist and another guitarist, both playing Rock tunes, stood opposite Asake, adding an additional layer of musical diversity to the on-stage spectacle.

This captivating episode follows Asake's recent revelation that he transitioned from dance to pursue a career in music. The artist's bold and unexpected act further showcases his commitment to pushing artistic boundaries and delivering memorable performances to his audience.

As social media continues to buzz with discussions surrounding Asake's latest on-stage antics, the singer remains in the spotlight, sparking conversations about the evolving dynamics of musical expression and stagecraft within the industry.