Annie Idibia Addresses 2Baba's Remarks on Infidelity


Annie Idibia Addresses 2Baba's Remarks on Infidelity

Annie Idibia has shared her thoughts on her husband, 2Baba's opinion about cheating when you have a partner.

Nollywood actress Annie Idibia in the latest episode of the popular reality TV show, "Young, Famous & African" defended what her husband, 2Baba has said about why men cheat even when they happen to be in a relationship or married.

2Baba had made a statement in a previous episode of the reality TV Series which is currently airing on Netflix that men regardless of how much or well they love their spouse would end up cheating as a result of their physical urges.

He said:

“Like it or not, men are wired like that. A man will love a woman to hell, but maybe he is somewhere, and his dick would just decide something to f3ck.”

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This statement had triggered numerous responses on social media and Annie's thoughts on the statement were not confirmed as at that time but many have finally heard what Annie had to say about the statement in the newly released episode.

She said:

My husband has just 5 kids with only two other women besides me, so it’s not like the young man was having babies everywhere like they say, like the narrative is out there”