Alicia Keys Reacts To Questions About Collaborating With Wizkid


Alicia Keys Reacts To Questions About Collaborating With Wizkid

Music legend Alicia Keys has responded to questions on the possibility of her collaborating with Wizkid.

Grammy award-winning legend Alicia Keys has reacted to questions from fans on if the singer would possibly collaborate with Afrobeats superstar Wizkid. Alicia Keys revealed that a collaboration with Wiz is something that would definitely happen.

The fan had mentioned that Alicia Key had previously mentioned Wiz in the past and went on to ask when the collaboration between the two stars would happen. The music legend did not confirm any date in particular but she, however, confirmed that this was something that would most definitely happen.

Alicia Keys, who has currently announced that she would be embarking on a world tour, announced dates for her South America stop of the tour, which would begin in May 2023 as well. Wizkid's 2020 album 'Made In Lagos' was reported to have also set records on two of the biggest digital streaming platforms, Spotify and Apple Music, years after its release, and a collaboration with one of the biggest acts in America is something fans are excited about.

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