Alibaba hails Burna Boy's national impact


Renowned comedian, Alibaba has praised Afrobeat sensation, Burna Boy for his significant contribution to promoting Nigeria's global image, surpassing the efforts of official ambassadors.

In an interview with Channels Television on Monday, June 10, 2024, Alibaba expressed his disappointment with the government's neglect of the entertainment industry in economic planning and management.

He cited a Nigerian Economic Summit Group projection that excluded the creative industry, highlighting its importance to the country's economic and cultural identity.

In his words, “Two years ago, the Nigerian Economic Summit Group looked into a forecast of the Nigerian economy in the next five years, and the entertainment and creative industry was not considered.”

Alibaba emphasized Burna Boy's value, stating that the artist has done more to promote Nigeria on a global scale than any ambassador sent to international postings.

The comedian commended Nigerian musicians for their crucial role in defining and disseminating the country's cultural identity worldwide, acknowledging Burna Boy's exceptional impact on national awareness. According to Alibaba, Burna Boy's achievements have surpassed those of any ambassador, making him an unofficial cultural ambassador for Nigeria.

“Burna Boy has done a lot more for Nigerian national awareness than any ambassador that has been posted to America, the UK, or any other place. So Nigerian artistes are creating national awareness and making other countries know about us than any ambassador would have done,” He said.