Adult Nation Entertainment unveils new artist Dumomi The Jig


Adult Nation Entertainment has announced their latest signing Dumomi The Jig, a rapper, writer, and singer who is eclectic, talented, multi-dimensional, and utterly unpredictable.

Born Treasure Adenuga Adedumomi, aka DuMomi The Jig. Adenuga Adedunmomi Otherwise known as Dumomi the Jig Was born in Lagos Ikeja in 1991, attended Unilag and Studied Architecture.

He quickly developed an interest in music as he grew up around it due to his father's interest in playing the piano which he still does to this day. He likes to regard himself as creative depending on the circumstances, considering he raps, sings, produces, mixes and edits videos, these skills were developed with over a decade and a half of persistence and practice. Dating back to his first mixtape released in 2008. Dumomi the Jig has a passion for creativity and is coming for everything

There is no doubt that he’s in great company, and he has risen to the occasion as well by making his bow with Adult Nation Entertainment