A-Q Responds To Vector With "Distraction 2"


Except you're under the rock, there's no way you're not aware of the ongoing beef between M.I and Vector. On Friday, Vector replied to M.I's The Viper with Judas The Rat. Now, A-Q has given a response to Vector with a track Distraction 2.

On M.I's The Viper, the rapper stated that Vector was unable to do anything to help A-Q's career even though they were friends. However, Vector addressed that line on Judas The Rat, claiming that he put A-Q on (as well as Blaqbonez). He furthered that he even made A-Q trend in recent times. Vector's Judas The Rat invoked a lot of reactions on Twitter as it appeared that he rattled the entire Chocolate City and put them in disarray.

It should be recalled that Vector featured A-Q on his diss track to Reminisce, Distraction. Both rappers went in hard and A-Q was able to scoop some fame for himself from that collaboration. It also happened that Vector had taken a shot at A-Q in a song Where is Vector? "Somebody please mess with me, I need a new distraction. Damn A-Q, I bet that crazy n***a laughing". A-Q would later come for Vector on his own remix of Where is Vector?

A-Q took to his Twitter page to announce that he has released Distraction 2. In a series of follow-up tweets, he condemned Vector and stated that he has other information to diss Vector with. A lot of Twitter users are already trembling with excitement and are gingered for Vector's response.

Will Vector reply to A-Q's Distraction 2? We cannot yet say. But it is such an exciting time for Nigerian Hip-hop.



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