2Baba hails Burna Boy as a 'hardworking Music Icon'


Legendary Nigerian musician 2Baba has showered praise on fellow artist Burna Boy, recognizing his dedication and immense contribution to music.

In a recent social media post, 2Baba acknowledged the ongoing debate about Burna Boy's position within the industry but emphasized his achievements speak for themselves. "This young man has worked, proven and stamped himself as one of the greatest music icons," 2Baba stated. He went on to say, "Hate him or love him, it doesn't change the fact." This strong statement highlights 2Baba's belief in Burna Boy's talent and hard work, regardless of personal opinions.

The post also credits the people behind Burna Boy's success, acknowledging the team effort that often fuels an artist's rise. This sentiment adds another layer of appreciation to 2Baba's recognition.

2Baba's praise comes at a time when Burna Boy is a dominant force in Afrobeats music. With his energetic performances, captivating voice, and unique blend of styles, Burna Boy has garnered international recognition, including a Grammy Award win.

This public recognition from a respected figure like 2Baba further solidifies Burna Boy's place among Nigerian and Afrobeats music royalty. It's a testament to his dedication and the impact he's made on the global music scene.