LISTEN: Lamboginny unlocks new album 'Food Is Ready'


Nigerian-born Afrofusion artist Lamboginny has released a new album aptly titled 'Food Is Ready.' Why that title? It comes from his food adventures with his wife, Ling, famously from their food/lifestyle channel: Ling and Lamb.



He tried food from various countries, and he hopes to encourage millions of people to enjoy food from other cultures and feel joy when listening to his album. The famous artist/activist plans to provide free meals to homeless or economically disadvantaged people worldwide through an initiative he created and co-founded: Through a partnership with soup kitchens, food programmes, and other businesses/organisations to feed one million people.

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Lamboginny - Food Is Ready (Album)

Lamboginny - Food Is Ready (Album)

Ahead of his album release, the "Nigerian man" trended on Google after a slew of mainstream Indian publications like India Times, India Today, The Tribune, and Hindustan Times covered the video of him trying Indian food for the first time alongside his wife, Ling.

Furthermore, the album consists of eleven wonderful songs and it features DAP The Contract, Tony Mix and of course, his beautiful wife Ling. Trust me, you don't want to miss this one.

Listen below and share your thoughts.

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