Listen to Efe's Latest EP 'Stubborn Boy'


While working on his debut album set to be released sometime in 2023, Efe was inspired to record a hip-hop project being that hip-hop is the root of his love for music. The songs in this EP were recorded in one night with one producer, Skitter.


Stubborn Boy EP is a body of work project full of different elements, from the messages in the lyrics to the beats and the flows. Efe rapped deeply, purely from the heart about his experiences with fame and challenges in life in songs like Warning, Stubborn Boy, and Agege, while reflecting and highlighting societal issues from micro perspectives with thought-provoking songs like Concern You and FathersDeed. In Marry You, Efe expresses love for his woman the street way with so much confidence and braggadocio.

Renowned Nigerian rapper illBliss crowned it up with an Oga Boss intro to solidify the quality of work put into the creation of this 7 track EP. The beats are a mix of conventional hip-hop instrumentals and elements of trap and drill music. This EP is very relatable to the everyday life of people, one or more songs are reflective of everybody’s life experience.

Listen to Stubborn Boy EP here.