[LYRICS] Poornhub Lyrics By Gaycicada


Gaycicada Lyrics

Check out the lyrics to 'Poornhub' by Gaycicada, read the lyrics to the song below and sing along.

[LYRICS] Poornhub Lyrics By Gaycicada

Gaycicada - Poornhub Lyrics

Joe Swanson
Iran, nigga I can’t even walk

Pornhub, sittin on a dick massive dub
Wack ass niggas tryna steal my flow
Gotta show them that mine glow
Goofy ass niggas stealing my style
Gucci that like motherfucking Kyle
Niggas in Duluth
Bumpin my shit
You know I’m dishing out another hit
I’m the greatest rapper, you can't dispute
Y’all niggas can’t compute
I’m done wit dis sheiiit

Joe Swanson
I can’t sit here and listen to you goofy niggas anymore

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