The 10 Best Diamond Platnumz Songs (Ranked)


From Mawazo To Yatapita We Have Sorted A List Of Diamond Platnumz's Best Songs And Much More. Here is a list of the best 10 Diamond Platnumz songs 

From wedding songs to heartbreak tunes, Diamond Platnumz has done them all. The Tanzanian singer since his debut in 2010, released 2 Albums and 1 EP. With a catalogue of more than 100 songs enjoy the 10 Best songs from Diamond Platnumz (Ranked) 

1.My Number One Remix Ft Davido 

My Number One Remix is the song that introduced Diamond Platnumz to Africa. The song released in 2014 made him a household name in Nigeria and West Africa. My Number One Remix Diamond was nominated and won different awards in Africa. 

It is fair to say that, My Number One Remix was that one song that exported Bongo Fleva to the world and made Tanzanian music significant like never before. 

My Number One Remix - Diamond Platnumz Ft Davido

2. Mawazo 

This 2011 hit by Diamond Platnumz was everywhere 2011 and it is through this song that Diamond Platnumz established himself as a full Bongo Fleva star. 

What makes this song so significant is the video that was directed by Adam Juma. In the video, Diamond Platnumz embraced the full superstar look and lifestyle while the outfits, especially the "Single Button" coat, became a trend in fashion. 

Mawazo - Diamond Platnumz

3. Waah - Featuring Koffi Olomide 

Waah may have lazy, simple and weak lyrics but to be honest, the Bongo Fleva and Soukous bred tune, stands to be one of the biggest songs that Diamond Platnumz has ever released. 

The video of the song amassed 100k views in 48 minutes, 1 Million views in 8 hours and 10 Million Views in seven days. The song was produced by Lizer Classic and Director Kenny handled the video's directions.

Waah - Diamond Platnumz

4. African Beauty - Featuring Marion 

With African Beauty, Diamond Platnumz tried to take over the US market and even though the mission was not fully accomplished, the sound itself was sweet and addictive. 

We all loved how Diamond Platnumz was able to compliment and appreciate the beauty of African women in this song that became an anthem on different runways and fashion stages around the world. 

African Beauty -Diamond Platnumz


In 2015, Diamond Platnumz shocked his fans with Utanipenda as no one, absolutely no one saw this coming. In this song, Diamond Platnumz goes personal as he asks his fans and people around him if they will love him the same once he goes broke and he is no longer on the news. 

The Godfather-directed music video features true characters, from his manager, Babu Tale, his protégé Harmonize, Jackline Wolper, his mother Mama Dangote, his then-fiancée Zari Hassan and many other heavyweights. 

The song's lyrics are sentimental, sad and evocative but the storytelling in the video made everybody happy. Thanks to Godfather productions who travelled from South Africa to Tanzania to shoot the music video. 

Utanipenda - Diamond Platnumz

6. Jeje 

We don't know what exactly inspired Jeje but what we know is, this song was all over the place in 2020. The simple lyrics that anyone could sing, the addictive chorus and the spectacular dance moves in the video made the whole project a Midas touch. 

Just like in the Mawazo music video, Diamond Platnumz did set a trend with Jeje music video as Diamond Platnumz's oversized boots and suits in the video became a sensation in the fashion industry. 

Jeje - Diamond Platnumz

7. Mtasubiri 

Everything about Mtasubiri was classic, including its music video which was banned by Tanzania's TCRA. The song dropped at a time when dating speculations between Diamond Platnumz and Zuchu were at their peak. The music video for Mtasubiri was the most-watched in East Africa in 2022.

Mtasubiri - Diamond Platnumz

 8. Haunisumbui 

The only criticism you can make out of Haunisumbui released in 2020, is that it has no accompanying music video but lyrically, Diamond Platnumz has never written such an excellent song as this. 

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In this Baibuda track, Diamond Platnumz throws hot punches at his ex-girlfriend with annoying and painful words and for a moment you may want to think, Mbosso or Lavalava was involved in the writing process of this song. 

9. Yatapita 

After intense criticism from fans that he abandoned Bongo Fleva and embraced Amapiano and Afrobeats, Diamond in early 2023 released Yatapita. 

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With this song, he proved two things. First, is that he can still sit down and write "sensible songs" and his place in the Bongo Fleva arena is still permanent. 

Yatapita - Diamond Platnumz

10. Sikomi 

Again, songwriting. Sikomi is the most personal song that Diamond Platnumz has ever released as in the song he narrates about his former girlfriends and why he broke up with them. 

Sikomi - Diamond Platnumz