World Premiere: eLDee - Ota Mi ft. LKT + U Blowing My Mind


Sometimes I have to remind myself that eLDee has been in this music game for almost 10 years. I guess he always finds a way to remain relevant and fresh.

Here is new material off his 'Is It Ur Money' mix-tape, which will be a double CD and promises to be filled with nothing but BANGERS. Both songs are FIYA!

Ota Mi (Enemy) is a lively song that features LKT; sick drums, crazy instrumental and very catchy hook. I can already envision some boys forming a funny dance to the hook. U Blowing My Mind is just a good joint period, as in you can't pick one part over the other.

If more songs of this caliber end up on 'Is It Ur Money' I don't know what else to expect when he decides to drop an album.

You can listen to tracks from the mixtape on eLDee's Reverbnation Page and make sure you follow him on Twitter to get updates on new music.


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U Blowing My Mind