WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Ikechukwu - Still Standing + Rewinding 'Em


WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Ikechukwu - Still Standing + Rewinding 'Em

The International Killz has finally decided to talk about his issue with Storm 360... and what better way than on a track?!

"Still Standing" is his latest single off "The Alliance Reconstructed" album that's dropping in a matter of days (we'll make it available for sale here on On this record, he boldly mentions Storm 360 Executives Olisa Adibua, Obi Asika, and his very close friend and colleague all the way from the WFA days, Naeto C.

There have been several stories about the Ikechukwu's infamous exit from Storm Records (Till date, people still believe Naeto C's "Successful" The P-Mix was aimed at Ikechukwu. Listen "here and decide), but this sheds a bit more light on the issue. I'm not gonna say more; just listen.


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Still Standing (Open Letter To Storm Records)

[audio:|titles=Ikechukwu - Still Standing (NJO)]

"Rewinding Them" is a joint off the "OKHELLOO" mixtape coming out very soon. Stay tuned, guys! More heat on the way...

Rewinding Them

[audio:|titles=Ikechukwu - Rewinding Them (NJO)]