6 iconic venues where Burna Boy became the first African artist to sell out


With Burna Boy continuing to defy the odds and break barriers and stereotypes associated with African music and artists, here are five iconic venues where the African Giant became the first African artist to hold a sold-out concert.

The continued growth of Afrobeats over the years is one that has been categorised as phenomenal and it is not far from the truth, but one artist keeps leading the charge, defying all odds trying out new things and breaking strides in ensuring people see African artists and their music in a new light.

Aside from putting African music on the global map, another key factor that has given a new perspective to what African artists possess and can offer is their live performances. Legends like Angelique Kidjo, the late Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, Femi Kuti, and many others are renowned for their performances that celebrate Africa's rich heritage. They infuse each stage with vibrancy and uniqueness, creating an unforgettable experience for their audience. This aspect of African music performance, which had somewhat diminished in the newer generation of artists, has been revitalized in recent times by artists with Burna Boy leading the charge.

For Burna Boy, thrilling fans with live performances has always been part and parcel of his career. This has been a major factor in his unending growth and progression as one of the biggest stars out of Africa. Burna Boy has continued to break barriers and set new standards for African artists when it comes to performance. It is only right to celebrate such a worthy accomplishment by highlighting five iconic venues where Burna Boy became the first African act to sell out.

Burna Boy Concert Chicago
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Which concert venues outside Africa did Burna Boy sell out first?

Burna Boy sold-out concert at the London Stadium

In a historic feat, Burna Boy with his 'Love Damini' themed tour became the first African artist to sell out the over 60,000-capacity London Stadium, which is the home to the popular Premier League side West Ham.

It was one for the books as the singer dared to be different and took on a new challenge which saw him become the first African artist to use such a big venue for his concert in the United Kingdom.

The experience for fans who had been present at the venue remains one for the books as the singer accompanied with special guest artists such as J Hus, Stormzy and many more all took to the stage to perform some of their greatest hits as well as collaborations.

Burna Boy's sold-out concert at the La Defense Arena in Paris

Burna Boy in 2023 proved once again that his growth as an artist has continued to progress when he opted for the La Defense Arena in Paris as his venue for his Love Damini concert as opposed to the Accor Arena he also became the first African artist to sell it out twice for two consecutive days.

The La Defense Arena in Paris is a 40,000-capacity venue the African Giant took charge of in 2023 and lived up to the expectations of fans who showed up in large numbers to catch a glimpse of his craft on stage and he did not disappoint from his melodic medleys to special guest performances and also interactions with his fans.

Best African Act MTV Europe Music Awards 2022
Burna Boy

Burna Boy becomes the first African artist to sell out the Scotiabank Arena in Canada

The announcement of his 'I Told Them' tour was met with excitement once again from fans as Burna Boy on Sunday, February 25, 2024, became the first and only African artist in history to sell out the over 19,000 capacity Scotiabank Arena in Toronto Canada.

Burna Boy was the centre of attraction at the concert as he had his fans spellbound with his exceptional performance and energy, leaving them wanting more.

Burna Boy sells out Citifield Stadium

The date of July 8, 2023, is set to go down in the annals of African music as a historic day when Burna Boy, the Grammy award-winning artist and performer, achieved a new milestone by becoming the first African artist to sell out the legendary Citi Field stadium in New York, USA.

Burna Boy's stage presence and magnetic personality were on full display as he delivered an outstanding set of his hit songs, keeping the audience which consisted of celebrities and fans alike captivated from the beginning to the end. The energy he exuded was infectious, and his charisma was palpable, leaving the crowd spellbound and yearning for more.

Burna Boy shuts down the GelreDome Arnhem Stadium

Aside from selling out venues in the US, Canada, UK and France, Burna Boy once again showed his widespread popularity with the selling out of the 40,000-capacity GelreDone Arnhem Stadium in the Netherlands in 2023. This was a huge accomplishment for the Grammy award-winning singer who exhibited once again that music does in fact transcend beyond borders and the Afrobeat wave had cut across all borders.

Burna Boy makes history at Bell Centre, Montreal, Canada

Burna Boy continues his trailblazing musical journey, making history at the Bell Centre in Montreal, Canada. His "I Told Them" tour witnessed a sold-out concert at the iconic venue, marking him as the first African artist to achieve this feat. The Grammy-winning sensation continues to break boundaries with his music, garnering millions of streams across platforms and consistently pushing the envelope of Afrobeats.

Burna Boy

The significance of this achievement is amplified by the venue itself. The Bell Centre, also known as the Centre Bell, is not only a renowned concert hall but ranks as the second-largest hockey venue globally. With a remarkable capacity of 21,105 seats, Burna Boy's ability to fill the arena emphasizes the undeniable worldwide appeal of his music and the ever-rising popularity of African artistry.

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