The Attack On Tiwa Savage Is Unwarranted; Other Female Artists Need To Focus On Their Crafts Instead

Since Kizz Daniel put out the Fvck You challenge, artists have used it as an outlet to make their feelings known. Some dissed ex-lovers while others threw shades at fellow industry mates. So far, several artists have made their own versions and there are apparently more acts who might still jump on the trend.


Yesterday, former Chocolate City artist, who has moved camp back to Kenya, Victoria Kimani dropped her own version. It immediately generated attention on social media as the singer threw shades at rapper Ycee and seemingly at one of Nigeria’s biggest female acts Tiwa Savage.

She accuses Ycee of stealing her song and lyrics and not giving her any credit. Fvck you Ycee! cuz i aint trying to vex for nobody, took my juice, you took my sauce, you stealing lyrics, never giving credit. You disrespectful nigga you run my check. I said fvck you nigga, yeah i said it. Next time you try it, i’d get my goons on deck..

She slut-shames Tiwa Savage (although she didn’t mention her name) and reveals that she - Tiwa Savage - blocks her from getting shows Grandma African Bad Girl, turning 45, still think you’re a bad girl. You can block me from a show but you can’t block my blessings. We all know you’re selling pu**y and it’s so depressing, you’re fucking messy

Victoria Kimani

Victoria Kimani is the first artist to throw a direct attack at anyone since the start of the challenge. Other artists such as Tiwa Savage have dropped subliminal messages, even though she denied doing so.

Tiwa Savage

There is nothing to verify any of Victoria Kimani’s ridiculous claims. Some music fans are looking forward to responses from any of the subjects that were accused by Victoria Kimani while others have reacted on their social media pages.

There’s hardly any comment to be made about the accusation of Ycee stealing her lyrics. As a matter of fact, the producer of Ycee’s Juice, Adey has taken to his Twitter to state that he wrote that song with Ycee hence she doesn’t deserve to get any check.


After Victoria Kimani posted the video on her Instagram, Seyi Shay scrambled to the comments section to register her hatred by cheering the Kenyan singer on.

Seyi Shay comments on Victoria Kimani's post

For those who make hasty and obtuse judgments from situations like this to say women hate women, it is better to make no comments than to say something as preposterous as this. Trying to bring another person’s hustle down is not gender specific. Men and women do it. It is sheer folly to attribute it to women only.

It is, however, disheartening to see or hear female acts trying to downplay the efforts of a fellow female act when they should instead be forming an alliance, especially as the music industry is primarily patriarchal. Just like Victoria Kimani, Seyi Shay and Yemi Alade have repeatedly launched attacks at Tiwa Savage. What exactly is Tiwa’s offense?

Seyi Shay

Yemi Alade

Personally, I have no idea what has solicited all the hate the One hitmaker has been getting from female counterparts. Could it be mere jealousy fuelling these other women to plot her downfall or is there truly something that has been brewing in the background that eludes us?

Whatever it is, I want to believe that Tiwa Savage is only being hated by these women because of her remarkable achievements. There is a possibility that I’m wrong, but how come other female acts like Teni, Niniola, Simi, Omawumi, are not complaining? Tiwa Savage appears to be in her lane and does not care to compete with anyone nor does it seem like she’s concerned about the progress or downfall of any other artist.

It is counterproductive to obsess with the success of another artist when one can easily focus on his or her craft. The sensible thing for Seyi Shay and Yemi Alade to do is to shift their focus on bettering their crafts and forget about dissing Tiwa Savage or throwing shades.

As for Victoria Kimani, there is not much to say. Instead of trying to discredit a fellow artist’s achievement, maybe - just maybe - it is more reasonable to learn from them.



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