Official Leak: M.I - God Bless You + Nobody ft 2face (Exclusive Teaser)


Happy Valentine's Day to all lovers out there! About a week or 2 ago, M.I's song "God Bless You" was leaked online. For this reason, M.I has chosen to put it out as a Valentine's Day treat to everyone. However, he promises to make alterations to the track due to the unfortunate leak (it was only meant to be an album cut). So, expect to hear something slightly different when M.I 2 drops.



"God Bless You" will be changed for the album due to the leak... It is the first thing i recorded for MI2.. Before "Somebody Wants To Die"... It took about an hour to make... Mixed, Produced, Sung and Mastered by moi!!! ...M.I

God Bless You


Here's an exclusive teaser for all notjustOk readers out there. If you recall, on the "Somebody Wants To Die" post last August, I told y'all M.I was "at the studio with 2face." Here's a sample of what they finally belted out. Believe me, the full song is on the same level as "Street Credibility" or any other heavyweight collabo that has come out of Naija in recent times. Stay tuned... more from M.I 2 coming soon!

Nobody ft 2face (Exclusive Teaser)