Nigerian Artists That Have Failed To Leave An Impression In The Music Industry

It is a joyful thing to see an artist blow up. In the music industry, we have experienced different artists drop songs that blow up and bring some attention to the artist. The audience begins to follow up on the artist and watch their every move. The curiosity increases when the artist appears to have potential and is expected to make an impact.


Some artists have successfully proven themselves worthy of the attention they (and their music) receive. They have set themselves apart from many other acts who have ventured into the music industry and have, in one way or another, trod the wrong path.

It can be heartbreaking to see artists with a lot of prospect make the wrong moves and ruin their chances of making it big in the industry. Various musicians have gained entry into the Nigerian music landscape and have been unable to maintain the success they received.

Some of the Nigerian artists that have failed to leave an impression in the music industry are;



In a time when the Nigerian audience lived and breathed pop music, Bigiano released arguably one of the biggest pop songs, Shayo. The song instantly became a certified jam and Nigerians rocked to it for a long time.

Bigiano is a gifted singer with an unparalleled ability to make hit songs. After Shayo, the singer went ahead to drop his album Shayo Master which contained hits like Iwofa, True Story, and more.

However, Bigiano failed to keep the fame he achieved. He even went away from the music scene and claimed he was not prepared for the lifestyle of an artist. Despite having so much potential, Bigiano fell short.


Slyde set dancefloors on fire with his highly-acclaimed single Banana. The song topped numerous charts for several weeks and helped the artist gain prominence.

The Banana crooner was nominated as Rookie of the Year at the 2014 Headies. Banana was the favorite tune of many music lovers and enjoyed massive attention widely.

Slyde encountered a major difficulty in making his name and brand stick in the hearts of the audience. As Banana faded, Slyde followed with it.



Talent is not hard to recognize and Rayce clearly has a lot of it. This was not hard to see as the astonishing singer and songwriter rolled out scores of jams including Roll, Wetin Dey, and others.

Rayce, who also operated as a producer under the name Admire Beatz, had two good albums to his credit before he mysteriously disappeared from the music space.

Many of those who believed in Rayce and presumed that he was in the music industry to stay ended up being disappointed as Rayce was unable to make a success out of the opportunity he had.

Eva Alordiah


A fierce female rapper who used to jump on beats and murdered them with ease, Eva was on top of her game. Within a short period of time, Eva was considered to be one of the best rappers of all time.

Eva has recorded and released an EP, two mixtapes, and an album. She collaborated with several acts including, Sasha, Muna, Mo'cheddah, Terry tha Rapman, and many others.

Along the line when Eva’s fan base was enjoying enormous growth, Eva slipped and experienced a decline. She was nowhere to be found and all the buzz she had managed to create vanished.

Jesse Jagz

Jesse Jagz is your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper. A younger brother to one of Nigeria’s best Hip-hop acts (M.I), Jesse Jagz has revealed his musical dexterity to music lovers.

The rapper has battled with his record label Chocolate City many times and has suffered spells that have affected his career very negatively. He has had hit songs like Nobody Test Me, Bend Down Low, The Greatest amidst several others.

Jesse Jagz has been through a lot and has never been able to position himself as a distinguished act. He has failed, on numerous trials, to establish a solid career so far.

Cynthia Morgan

Cynthia Morgan is yet one of the best Dancehall musicians Nigeria has ever seen. Her lingua game is on steroids and this has been evident in her hit songs such as German Juice, Don’t Break My Heart.

She has a unique style and has the qualities of a Reggae artist. She was able to catch the attention of the audience with her sensual lyrics and provocative videos.

Although Cynthia Morgan failed to live up to the hype. People lost interest in her and her music when much was no longer heard from her.


One of the young acts who many tipped to become one of the best Hip-hop acts, Phenom was a talent to behold. Phenom quickly became a known force in the world of rap when he featured on different projects.

He has since worked with artists like Wizkid, Mo’cheddah, Jaywon, M.I. Some of his hit songs include Murder, Shukubambam.

Phenom suddenly became inactive in the music industry. His name stopped being influential and he lost out in the process of becoming a superstar.

Dammy Krane

Dammy Krane

The young singer who gained solid reputation with his hit single Uni Girls remains to be one of the most loved acts. Dammy Krane entered the Nigerian music industry with a bang.

He was loved by boys and girls. His uncanny energy captivated a lot of music lovers and this was augmented by his vocal adroitness. Dammy Krane was expected to contend with Wizkid for his place as the leading Nigerian singer.

Even though he was signed to Tu Baba’s Hypertek, Dammy Krane failed terribly in his endeavor to secure an enviable position in the Nigerian music industry.

There are many other artists whose careers have taken a dive in their bid to register themselves in the list of successful Nigerian musicians. Some of them include Durella, Klever Jay, Humble Smith, Vector and many more.



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