15 Nigerian albums released so far in 2024


The Nigerian albums released so far in 2024 are a testament to the ever-evolving landscape of the Nigerian music industry.

From established veterans to emerging talents, artists across the country have been delivering groundbreaking albums, captivating audiences with their unique sounds and compelling narratives. As we approach the end of February, it is evident that these musicians have poured their hearts and souls into their craft, offering listeners a diverse array of musical experiences that resonate on both a personal and cultural level.

As of Wednesday, February 21, 2024, NotjustOk has meticulously compiled a comprehensive list of albums and musical projects released by Nigerian artists. This compilation encompasses both artists operating within Nigeria's music industry and those in the diaspora who are contributing to the vibrant Afrobeats scene.

The diversity and creativity displayed in these musical endeavors reflect the richness and dynamism of Nigerian music, captivating audiences both at home and abroad. Let's delve into the exciting array of albums released by Nigerian artists, showcasing their talent and innovation in the realm of music.

15. Shoday - Brkfst (February 16, 2024)

Afro-fusion artist, Shoday makes a remarkable debut with his EP BRKFST. Featuring six tracks, the EP displays Shoday's unique blend of melodic hooks, thought-provoking lyrics, and infectious beats. With a special guest appearance from Bella Shmurda on Billion Boy, Shoday takes listeners on a sonic journey that seamlessly blends elements of Afrobeats, hip-hop, R&B, and pop.

14. YKB - Yusful Music (Reloaded) (February 15)

YKB presents a captivating musical journey with his latest album release, Yusful Music (Reloaded). Through amazing beats, poignant lyrics, and dynamic melodies, YKB transcends musical boundaries to offer listeners an immersive experience, showcasing his versatility as an artist.

13. Shae's Universe - Love Letters (February 14)

Emerging Nigerian-born British singer-songwriter, Shaé Universe delivers a soulful and uplifting experience with her project "Love’s Letter". Featuring collaborations with Grammy-winning vocalist Lalah Hathaway, the album explores themes of self-worth and love, providing a heartfelt listening experience that resonates with audiences on a deep level.

12. Praiz - Loverboy EP (February 9)

Nigerian singer and songwriter, Praiz unveils his latest musical project Loverboy (EP), comprising four mesmerizing tracks that intricately weave themes of love and romance. Praiz's soulful vocals and heartfelt lyrics invite listeners on a journey through the intricacies of love, offering a blend of emotive melodies and poignant storytelling.

11. Wavy - Blessings EP (February 9)

Nigerian singer, Wavy released an EP on February 9, 2024. Wavy's EP titled Blessings features 5 songs that showcase his talent and versatility.


10. Idowest - Ritmo Mafioso (February 9)

Idowest returns with Ritmo Mafia EP, a project that combines hip-hop, Afrobeats, and Amapiano to create club-ready tracks that reflect his streetwise lyricism and party-starting energy. With tracks like Masha Allah and Forbidden City, Idowest taps into flow schemes and techniques that made him a co-originator of the Shaku Shaku era of Street music.

9. Muis - Muis EP (February 9)

Marking his official debut, Muis releases a self-titled EP featuring five tracks that showcase his talent and drive as a promising newcomer in the music industry. With tracks like Saati Ramoni, Muis delivers a bold statement of intent, establishing himself as a force to be reckoned with in the Nigerian music scene.

8. Adanna Duru - Nappy Hour II EP (February 9)

Multi-talented singer/songwriter Adanna Duru kicks off 2024 with her brand new EP NAPPY HOUR II, a blend of R&B, pop, and experimental soul sounds that showcase her range of styles and unique musicality. With tracks like Shawty and Say Ah, Adanna Duru explores themes of self-discovery and love, inviting listeners on a journey of exploration and introspection.

7. Dxtar - Frequency EP (February 8)

Dxtar returns with Frequency EP, featuring six electrifying songs that take listeners on a captivating musical journey. With high-energy beats and infectious melodies, Dxtar delivers an immersive experience that leaves a lasting impression, showcasing his talent and creativity as an artist.

6. Kayode - Kay Kay EP (February 7)

Kayode presents Kay Kay EP, a project that effortlessly blends various music genres ranging from Afrobeats to hip-hop, trap, and R&B. With tracks like Playtime Is Over, Kayode showcases his distinctive sound and immersive soundscapes, connecting with listeners on a profound level and impacting lives through his music.

5. Toby Shang - Afrohype Legend (February 6)

Toby Shang releases Afrohype Legend, a 15-track album that captivates audiences with infectious melodies and captivating storytelling. With tracks like Run This Town, Toby Shang establishes himself as a rising star in the Nigerian music scene, captivating audiences with his unique blend of singing, MCing, and hype manning.

4. Portable - Tony Montana of London EP (February 6)

Nigerian rapper Portable returns with Tony Montana Of London EP, featuring four solo tracks that highlight his energetic Afrobeats sound and versatile talent as a rapper. With tracks like Zazoo Zehh and Ogo Forever, Portable delivers a captivating listening experience that showcases his talent and creativity as an artist.

3. Iyanya - Once Upon A Cat (February 2)

Nigerian singer, Iyanya unveils Once Upon a Cat, his highly anticipated album featuring collaborations with talented artists and a diverse range of tracks that cater to various genres and moods. With tracks like One Me and Sweet Life, Iyanya invites listeners on a musical journey that celebrates life, love, and the human experience.

2. Timi Dakolo - The Chorus Leader (January 26)

Timi Dakolo graces the music scene with The Chorus Leader, a 17-track album featuring guest appearances from renowned artists and showcasing his soulful vocals and poignant storytelling. With tracks like Na So E Be and Everything (Amen), Timi Dakolo delivers an uplifting and empowering listening experience that resonates with audiences worldwide.

1. Jeriq & Psycho YP - Evil Twins (January 26)

Jeriq and PsychoYP release Evil Twins, a five-track EP that showcases their contrasting styles and collaborative synergy, setting a new standard in Nigerian hip-hop. With tracks like Disintegrate and Breaking News, Jeriq and PsychoYP captivate listeners with their dynamic flow and lyrical prowess, establishing themselves as forces to be reckoned with in the Nigerian music scene.

2024 has proven to be a monumental year for Nigerian music, with artists delivering groundbreaking albums that push the boundaries of creativity and innovation. From established names to rising stars, these albums offer a diverse range of musical experiences that resonate with audiences worldwide, cementing Nigeria's position as a powerhouse in the global music industry.

As we look ahead, one thing is certain: the Nigerian music scene is thriving, and the future looks brighter than ever.