MyNotjustok Launches Native and Audio ADs


Notjustok's streaming service, Mynotjustok has launched Native and Audio ADs on its web platform, making it easier for marketers to reach their audience via audio and native formats. All advertisers, PR and music promoters who want to place ADs on Mynotjustok, can do so by clicking here

Native ADs
Native Ads are the type of advertisements that match the form and function of the platform upon which it appears. At our Native Ads are in similar form as the content on our platform - Below is an example of an indomie ad positioned alongside our featured playlists. Additionally, we also place Native Ads in our single track listing and playlist track listings as seen below. For more Inquiries click here

Audio ADs
With the increasing popularity of music streaming platforms like Mynotjustok, Audio Ads have become another way for brands to engage with their customers effectively. We decided to create a more effective Audio Ad set-up that serves Audio Ads between single tracks, tracks in playlists and in the download section of our platform. Also, to improve the efficiency of these ads, each Audio Ad has a companion image creative as can be seen below and demonstrated by clicking this LINK. For more inquiries click here