Mr Eazi's Travelling Art and Music Exhibition makes its Lagos debut at Windsor Gallery


Windsor Gallery became the epicentre of artistic and musical innovation as Mr Eazi's groundbreaking Travelling Art and Music Exhibition, inspired by his album 'The Evil Genius,' made its inaugural debut in Lagos on Thursday, December 23, 2023.

This first-of-its-kind presentation seamlessly fuses music and art, offering audiences a unique and immersive cultural experience that transcends conventional boundaries. The exhibition will continue to captivate Lagosians and visitors alike until December 30, providing an unparalleled opportunity to explore this dynamic intersection of art and music.

Sponsored by Glenfiddich Whisky, the opening night was a monumental success, further enhanced by the debut of Mr Eazi's highly anticipated art book. Esteemed guests from the realms of art, music, and entertainment graced the occasion, including Chef Elégbèdé, Joeboy, Laycon, Chika Emmanuella, Olisa Adibua, Dennis Osadebe, Iyanya, Ubi Franklin, Bibi Rai, Osi Disiru, and many others, each contributing to the vibrant atmosphere of this historic event.

The exhibition draws its inspiration from Mr Eazi's critically acclaimed album 'The Evil Genius,' creating a harmonious blend of visual and auditory experiences that resonate with audiences on multiple levels. As it continues its global journey, with previous stops in Accra and London, the exhibition is set to captivate audiences in the vibrant cities of Dubai and Marrakesh next year, solidifying its reputation as a groundbreaking cultural phenomenon.

Lagosians and art enthusiasts are encouraged to immerse themselves in this unprecedented exhibition, exploring the intricate connections between art and music through a curated collection that celebrates creativity in its purest form.

About Mr Eazi's The Evil Genius Exhibition 

Mr Eazi's Traveling Art and Music Exhibition - ‘The Evil Genius’ collection is a remarkable, first-of-its-kind fusion of contemporary African art and music. The Nigerian recording artist Mr Eazi commissioned 16 unique pieces, each corresponding to a track from his album of the same name. 

The featured artists represent eight African nations, and each brings their unique perspective, resulting in a diverse range of aesthetics and techniques. From bold and vibrant paintings to intricate drawings, the collection is a powerful statement of African creativity and ingenuity.

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