Mayorkun Knows The Importance Of Promotion In Music And It Shows

One very major thing many artists often overlook in their approach toward the music industry is promotion. You can almost say that promotion is one of the most important things artists should pay maximum attention to.


Your music might be average but if you do your promotion properly - strategically and consistently - you have a great chance of surviving the tough music industry.

Only a few acts thoroughly understand the promotion aspect of the music business. As an artist, you might not totally have an idea what promotion entails, but be sure that your manager has deep knowledge and know-how.

The music business can be quite difficult, especially in a country like Nigeria where you need to constantly position yourself in the face of the people to get them to pay attention to you.


DMW star act Mayorkun is one of the most remarkable names in the music industry. He entered the limelight with his hit single Eleko which topped several charts in the country. He quickly rose to prominence within a short frame of time, dropping back to back singles, slaying features like a musical gladiator, touring the country and etching his name in the fabric of enviable musicians.

Mayorkun went on to win several awards, shutting down the stage at the Wireless concert in the UK, selling out concerts in the UK and the US. Compared to his peers, Mayorkun has progressed really far in the music industry.

Now there might be people who attribute all of his success to his talent. There’s no crime in holding such a belief, but it is sheer ludicrousness to do that. As much as talent makes for a big part of his success, promotion has also played a major role (and still continues to do so).

If you carefully study Mayorkun’s career, you will see the deliberate promotional moves himself and his team continually make. They know how to remain in the media without generating any controversy or paying huge money to influencers on social media.

One crucial thing to note is that Mayorkun has held a number of concerts in Nigeria. He did a free show in Ibadan which saw about 7000 people in attendance. His concerts in Lagos and Abuja were both sold out.

He did a US tour last year and a UK tour where he toured about six cities. This helped the singer connect more with his fans there. After Davido’s show at the O2 Arena earlier this year, Mayorkun did a UK tour. He would be doing a Canada tour this year as well (as I’ve been informed by a trusted source). Also, he has intentions to do a concert in Indigo in O2 Arena later this year. All of these moves have continuously contributed immensely to the rapid development of his career.

The Mayor of Lagos

The Posh hitmaker also knows how features help to expand the reach of an artist. He has collaborated with different acts from Nigeria to Ghana including KiDi, Mr. Eazi, Sarkodie, D'Banj, and many more.

The Mayor of Lagos has been very consistent in his use of social media to create a rapport for his fans. He regularly uploads different skits on his social media pages (Twitter and Instagram) which gives fans a peek into his private life.

Last year, before releasing his album, he paid a visit to different top acts in the industry as a promotional strategy for the album (his debut album). Mayorkun knows the significance of promotion and alongside his team, he comes up with different creative ways to get himself in the media.

Recently, he released a track titled Hustler’s Anthem. The song had its second verse open and free for artists to jump on - Olamide made this move with his hit single Who You Epp. This helped the single gain more relevance.

The truth is that many people barely have any idea what promotion really means. For most, it’s a huge campaign that requires a huge chunk of money or billboard placement. However, promotion is usually more strategic than that. A lot of promotional moves compound to put an artist in a position where fans and music lovers cannot ignore.


Mayorkun is talented and focused. But he knows fully well that it’s not enough to help him get to his desired level. This is why he continues to make major promotional moves, finessing his way through the local and international music scene.



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