Love and Money; Here Are 5 Nigerian Songs that Highlight its Benefits in Relationships


In the spirit of Valentine’s day and to further highlight the dynamism of love and money, here are 5 Nigerian songs that touch on the importance of money in relationships.

Nigerian songs about love and money

It is said that the best things in life are free, and also that love doesn't cost a dime, principles sang about by Mr Eazi and Magixx respectively. But these expressions seem to be becoming of an era past as the sentiments they share continue to be smashed in recent years by young people the world over who toil to have the clock of capitalism tick in their favour. In fact, while money may be described as the root of all evil, young people have reconceived the idea to the belief that money answereth all and stops nonsense. A constant conversation around money, however, remains the role of the legal tender in relationships, either with loved ones or less long-term lovers commonly highlighting the role money plays in relationships. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day when money is dolled out in large quantities worldwide to oil the heart of lovers and to further highlight the love and money dynamism, here are 5 songs that touch on the importance of money in relationships:

5 Nigerian songs about love and money;

1. Davido- Assurance

Love is sweet o, when money enter love is sweeter,” Davido sang on Assurance, beginning and concluding on the importance of money in a relationship, in one short line of lyrics. While Davido may know nothing about a life or love life without money involved, we can definitely agree that he’s one singer that knows what he was speaking on, especially as the song involved giving his baby mama, Chioma assurance of the physical and beyond. And as we all know, money-backed assurance is definitely assurance of a powerful kind. 

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2. Omawumi ft. Flavour- Bottom Belle

On this song, Omawumi had all of us in our diva element, making demands of a stingy lover as she sang, “Oga buy me bottom belle, coolu my heart o” and with other lines like “You be chairman no be for mouth o, chairman do something,” goes to prove that like every money getting madam, she wasn’t beating around the bush with this lover, Omawumi wanted her flowers and everything nice and she was going to get them while empowering other women to do just that with her belting vocals.

5 Nigerian songs about love and money;

3. P-Square- Chop My Money

What’s better than a lover with money? A lover with money that’s very willing to spend it all on you! This was P-Square in capitals letters on their smash hit track, Chop My Money which was about one thing only, getting their lover to partake and benefit thereof of their wealth. In fact, the Okoye brothers were so diehard about this, they recruited Senegalese American singer, Akon, for the remix to encourage her to ‘chop’ hard currency as well while they took the record global. 

4. Adekunle Gold, Davido- High

Every other day on Twitter, men and women argue to no end regarding women’s expectations to be spent on and pampered in relationships, only for Adekunle Gold to settle the matter with the lines, “Love is not enough, baby, come to me m’olowo” (come to me I have money). Sadly, Adekunle Gold is happily wedded so the latter lines can only be taken so literally, while the first few shatter several tables of contention.

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5 Nigerian songs about love and money;

5. 1000 Years- DJ Yankee, Blaqbonez, Cheque

On this song, DJ Yankee, Blaqbonez and Cheque add more gas to the movement against moneyless relationships as Blaqbonez starts off his verse saying; “Hey baby lemme tell you som’n, broke boys don’t deserve love.” The rest of the song takes shape in similar manner as they sing about spoiling the addressed lover girl in ways her boyfriend remains incapable of. 1000 Years also explores the troupe of men oppressing men to win the interest of women.