Break Into Bella Shmurda's High Tension 2.0 EP with These 3 Electrifying Records

The second half of the year in the Nigerian scene music can be likened to the preceding hours before a huge owambe from a prestigious family; a flurry of activities with little camps of rising steam hovering over tasty meals in different stages of preparation. With several statements to make, these meals are made with great care that speak of the opulence, relevance, discernment, and societal status of the family members. Very much in that same vein, the Nigerian music-loving populace has on the 9th of July, been presented with an offering of compelling melodies, profound lines, sweet guitar riffs and boppy beats laced with electrifying vocals from Bella Shmurda on his High Tension 2.0 EP. 


Bella Shmurda High Tension 2.0


While fans may be surprised to find out that his sophomore project comes in form of an extended play which given the 2.0 indicator, Bella Shmurda touts as a manifestation of a better version of himself, it is an EP packed with 8 songs that are a reminder to live life to the full. A dip into the project would promptly serve flavours to jive to, inspire you, serenade you and have you come back for extra helpings. To help you break into the EP, here’s three of the most electrifying songs off the 5 fresh releases on the project: 

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Bella Shmurda - High Tension 2.0

Bella Shmurda - High Tension 2.0

1. Out There

 As the opening track to the lightning-themed project from the Headies Awards nominated Bella Shmurda, which certifies him as one of the most promising acts of 2020, it’s no surprise that this song would make its way onto many playlists. After all, introduction songs tend to be an introspective affair doused in an aura of solemnity that most times touch on the artiste's struggles or current state of mind. Out There however breaks the mould by being an inspirational and instantly electrifying track that serves as a clarion call to the listener to persevere against the biting winds of life. 

On Out There, Bella Shmurda’s voice crackles with passion and it is certain to connect to several hearts and lips as a prayer song while it fluidly serves as a reminder of his ability to enrich energies with his messages funnelled through melodies that go straight to the heart and light up your feet to burst a few moves. 

Out There should be played when you’re passed the aux in a car, a trap house, or semblances of it, and whenever your inner man needs a musical pick-me-up.

2. Far Away

Summer is in the air and to complete the breezy and fun-filled ambiance, summer jams are bouncing off the airwaves and Bella Shmurda’s Far Away is the soundtrack to the summertime of our dreams. On this record, we are flown on the back of the Dangbana Republik president’s longing-filled voice backed with soothing trumpet cords and loopy percussion beats to exotic locations like Cairo, Brazil, and farther away to destinations we often think about. 

Already set on a path to greatness with a track record of hits and heavyweight features, Far Away wrapped with Afro-pop leanings, is Bella Shmurda’s way of poking his toe in the global sound waters to test whether his melodies will float and like the title of his song, be taken far away. 

Far Away should be played when having a good time at the beach, with friends, at your dream destination, at a summer party, and during chore time as well. 

3. Lako

Set over thrilling guitar riffs, Lako is street-hop on which dancehall elements have been breathed upon to create an instant banger that would have you on your feet whether or not you understand Bella Shmurda’s lyric lines on the explicit record. 

Ever the advocate for living freely, and speaking in the same manner, Lako sees Bella Shmurda take his hedonistic persona to the hilt when he goes from declaring “I’m dying inside” to breathily asking  “Sho ma lako?” a question that loosely means “Will you blow me?” 

Lako is a song for the bedroom playlists and the quarter past two AM club banger when it’s time to turn things up a notch. 

With 8 tracks and no features, High Tension 2.0 has what it takes to be a hits-bearing EP with indications from the singles, Rush, World and Party Next Door that have made rounds to charts.  Songs such as the spotlighted 3 of the 5 new releases are also sure to make their marks on playlists and charts to prove that the Bella Shmurda is not only one of the most promising music acts in recent times but is geared to take street-hop to the global level. 

Check out the full EP here.



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