"I Thought I Didn’t Have a Good Voice" - 13 Facts We Gained from Asa's Interview


Asa, real name Bukola Elemide, is known for having a soothing voice with which she creates unique evergreen songs but other than her music, not much is known about her. Well, on the latest episode of The Juice on NdaniTV with show host, Bolanle Olukanni, she shared quite a lot about herself and how she came into doing music. Some facts Asa shared in the interview were surprising and overall, inspirational.

13 Facts About Asa Revealed on The Juice Interview I Notjustok


Here’s are 13 things Facts we learned about Asa from the Juice interview

1. She’s a loner: Given how little is known about Asa, this might come as no surprise but as a fact. But the quirky singer admitted to being a night owl who goes about by 3 am just to enjoy some time alone away from stardom. 

She then retires to the studio by 6 am when people start to wake up. 

Opening up about her love life, she also made mention of the fact that anyone she goes into a relationship with will have to be respectful of the fact that she needs to be alone from 3 am till 8 am. For her, this is a major determinant and she would rather remain unmarried than be with someone who can’t respect that. 

2. She hated secondary school: According to her, schooling at Federal Government College, Jos, was torture. After painting a picture of no food, cold environment, wicked seniors and snitching mates, the reasons for the hatred become apparent. 

She also made mention of going through an experience in JSS2 which made her decide not to keep ties with her classmates. 

3. She’s always been artistic: For Asa, her creative inclinations were manifest since childhood. She started to bond especially with music when her cinematographer father edited his works and would play songs in a loop. Then in the neighbourhood, she was known among her peers as the film director and was quite grounded on diverse topics. 

Asa performing

4. She, however, started performing as a dancer: despite knowing she wanted to be a singer from an early age, Asa struck out first as a dancer. She danced in secondary school and even registered to do so at a talent show that was pivotal to her musical career. 

5. She doubted her voice: Asa’s voice is one we quickly fell in love with and respect, but for her, the road to using this voice was not an easy one. 

From personal doubt to people questioning her every choice, Asa actually tried to sing in a falsetto. In her words, “I thought I didn’t have a good voice.” Luckily, constant querying from her mother and a silent endorsement from her secondary school choir master gave her hope. 

6. She found herself at a talent show: at the age of 18 thereabouts, Asa registered for a talent show but as a dancer. A funny change of events that involved a group of boys asking her to join them, however, saw her take the stage on which she showcased her musical talent. This won her the sum of  N1,000 which she used as transportation to and fro rendering backup services to the artists she met at the show. 

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7. She didn’t expect her first album to do so well: since for the most part she’d been criticised by people, she had not expected for her eponymous album; Asa, to be so well received. 

Asa by Asa

8. Serious Asa: She developed a serious and distant persona to prove to people that being a musician surpasses drinking and smoking. She, however, decided to let people in via her lyrics when she turned 30.

9. Her type of man: “I am crazy for tall men. Could be dark, if you’re dark, be very dark. Just be tall, then it takes me time to think ‘do you have a brain?’ That was Asa when asked what type of men she’s attracted to. In addition to these criteria, artistes are a no-no and for her, and are simply better as friends. Asa revealed on the Juice interview

1o. Her songwriting habits:  When asked what she needs to be present when writing music, Asa cheerfully stated; "I can’t write with a wall… Just a window.”  

11. She’s a girl’s girl: In answering about her perception of the music industry and female artistes, Asa gave props to Yemi Alade, Tiwa Savage, Simi, Teni, Niniola and Tems. She also underlined patriarchy as the reason why the industry is harder for women. A way out for her was for more women to make themselves present in the industry.

12. She’s inspired by Fela: Like several artistes, Asa is inspired by Fela and wants to be as impactful as he was. She, however, goes further by ensuring that like him, her songs always pass across an empowering message.

13. Asa is funny and that's a Fact: You might have not seen video clips of Asa being goofy on her Instagram, but this interview is more than enough proof of Asa’s hilarious side. In fact, Bolanle, the show host was left in stitches quite a number of times.

To see for yourself, watch the interview here