Here are 3 recent changes Rema has made to his branding and personality


Rema has transformed from a rising Nigerian talent to a global Afrobeats phenomenon in just five years.

Since signing with Mavin Records in 2019, his initial hit, Dumebi, has set the stage for a meteoric rise. He's captivated audiences with his babyface, and unique approach to Afrobeats. This enabled him to rack up over a billion streams and top charts worldwide.

His smash hit Calm Down even reached number three on the Billboard Hot 100, featuring a star-studded remix with Selena Gomez. Rema's trophy cabinet also boasts the MTV Video Music Award for Best Afrobeats Video and the Billboard Music Award for Top Afrobeats Song.

But awards and accolades are just one side of the story. Rema's evolving image and presence online have also become a point of conversation for fans. Let's look into the recent changes that have sparked a buzz around the Afrobeat star.

1. His Look

Rema's signature look has definitely undergone a transformation. When he first burst onto the scene, he was known for his distinctive styleโ€”think dreadlocks and a balaclava. He then experimented with a shorter, blonde cut in 2020. But the real shift came gradually. He started incorporating more black clothing into his wardrobe, topping off a clear change after the release of his Ravage EP. His current style leans more towards a darker, more emo aesthetic.

2. His Social Media Aesthetic

Rema's visual storytelling has taken a turn. Early in his career, a teddy bear was a prominent feature, symbolising the comfort and support he received during his formative years. However, this symbol has faded in recent releases. The Ravage EP featured a bat motif, and his latest video even showcased a dramatic "HE IS" bat signal. This shift in symbolism coincides with a more emo fashion style. It might potentially be a more rebellious direction in his artistic expression.

3. His recreational habits

Rema has always maintained a certain level of privacy regarding his personal life, including his recreational activities. Fans have also rarely gotten a glimpse into this aspect of the artist. However, recent public appearances, particularly at high-profile events like the Louis Vuitton show at Paris Fashion Week, have captured him with a cigarette. These sightings have unsurprisingly sparked speculation and discussion among his fanbase.

Before now, Rema had rejected a blunt from Shallipopi when they recently linked up, suggesting that the Mavin Records star does not smoke, only for him to be seen smoking in Paris weeks later.