7 Songs That Are Perfect for the "Stingy Men Association of Nigeria"


Stingy men association

Nigerians are famously known for their flamboyance and showiness at parties and everywhere else. This same attribute has been carried on in our songs, where musicians often sing about their wealth and go as far as urging their love interests to indulge in their wealth. That narrative now seems to be taking a twist due to the recent formation of the Stingy Men Association of Nigeria with highbrow members from the entertainment world such as Don Jazzy and Mr Eazi amongst them. Formed as an elaborate joke on social media app, Twitter, it is said to have been created to overcome excessive billing by members of the opposite gender. 

Since it is believed that there's a song for every mood, here are songs that perfectly capture the sentiments of members of the SMAN: 

1. Kizz Daniel- Pak ‘n’ Go

With lines like ‘if you buy am isi'ewu and she say you no buy shawarma pack and go’ and others like' and 'if you buy am okrika, she say she want the Gucci pack and go', this song has all it takes to be the national anthem of members of the stingy men association. 

2. See Me So- 2Baba 

This is a classic hit from 2Baba and even though it sees the legend singing about the importance of having people in your corner, lines like ‘as you see me so, I no send you o,’ is what makes this song fit into the pockets of members of the stingy men association.

3. Gbese- Lil Kesh

Yes, Lil Kesh promised to lavish his wealth on the subject of his fantasies in his song, but the echoed call of ‘gbese re o’ in the chorus is all the reminder that is needed by members of the Stingy Men Association to keep their wallets sealed and their legs moving. 

4. Zlatan- Lagos Anthem

In this song, Zlatan speaks for the confused and amazed majority who cannot believe the heights of extravagance people are riding on after claiming that there’s no money in Lagos. This is definitely the soundtrack for members of the SMAN who are dedicated to keeping their wealth for themselves. 

5. Reason With Me- Rudeboy

This is a touching song that shows the anguish felt by a man whose lover wants financial loving and not only the emotional currency he can currently afford. While men of the SMAN may be able to afford more, the plea in this song is definitely up their alley. 

6. Identity- Oliver De Coque

The motto of the Stingy Men Association is ‘Let me see what I can do,’ a response to future monetary requests they intend to do nothing about. Ironically, on Identity by Oliver De Coque, he sings “I no dey promise anything wey my power no reach. My yes is my yes, my no is my no

I no dey make inyanga, I'm a simple man by nature”  and that sounds like lines from an OG that are worthy of emulating especially by members of the SMAN. Perhaps the association is in for a change of slogan after this. 

7. Ilu Le O- Victor Olaiya

This song makes the perfect addition to this playlist as Victor Olaiya not only captures how everyone struggles with money but the cards a woman might play on a man she’s involved with when in need of money. 

This calm highlife number definitely has all it takes to be the closing song for the meetings of members of the Stingymen Association of Nigeria. 

Which of these songs do you think best fits the constitution of the Stingy Men Association of Nigeria?