Listen To These 5 Hits Simi Dropped In 2017 As She Turns 30


Listen To These 5 Hits Simi Dropped In 2017 As She Turns 30

It's the big three for our girl Simi and we are excited to be celebrating this day with her. Last year we told you guys five things you should know about this award-winning vocalist and songwriter and if you are a fan, trust me you should've read that already. This year, we are going to be giving you five hit songs that this "songito" released in 2017. These songs are songs we are still rocking even in 2018 and they still sound fresh and relatable, but hey, don't all Simi's songs sound that way?

So let's dive in... but in no particular order!

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Love Don't Care:

This song talks about unconditional love. "Who you be, where you dey from: Love don't care at all!" Simi tells us that love sees no difference in tribe, colour, class, and profession. While our parents have their concerns and believe they know more, Simi is saying these parents don't know that when people start catching feelings, all they see is their subject of attraction and not the difference that lurks around this subject.

in her words;

If I love you

if I love you

No be wetin you be, baby

Lo mo  ri mi wu

So ladies, when you are catching feelings, don't think because you're a Tracy and he is an Okoro or a John so you're not compatible because love, my dear, don't care!

2. Complete me:

To say I almost miss this song from this list! I love it and then the video! Where does Simi get these guys from?  In Complete Me, Simi is a self-assured lover who is confident to tell her man what he means to her and reveals her place in the relationship, saying while he completes her, she also completes him. She shamelessly woes her man which is not what we see most times, singing his praises and his place in her life and how her lif will look and feel without him which from her descriptions, seems like nothing. She says;


If I no get you

It's like a sun without the light

It's like the Moon without the Night

Coz I need you in my life... o o o

If I no get you

It's like Faith without belief

Heart without a beat...

What's a heart without a beat?

This song is throwing all "the man gotta show you love" somewhere in your closet and showing the world how to treat a man that has shown you nothing but love. But back to my question, Simi what industry in Nigeria do you get the men in your videos?

3. Smile For Me

This song is Simi's way of telling us that love isn't comfort or you doing what you want because you feel like it. The title even says it, but what we should focus on isn't the title, it should be "For" because the issue isn't about the action, it's about who you're doing it for. To this Nigerian talented vocalist, sometimes you don't feel like doing things when you're in love, but because of your partner and how it'll make them feel, you'll do it. She went on to encourage her partner to not give up on her because she's worth the risk. A relationship we all know is not an easy ship to move but with an understanding of this wisdom Simi is giving us in form of music, trust me it'll make the movement of the ship easier. So listen, enjoy and apply!

4. Aimasiko: 

This is an Ebenezer Obey inspired song with a Simi twist and vibe. The song is one that encourages people to keep pushing that which they're doing even though it looks like it's not working because it is and at the end of the day, their case is in the hands of God. She addresses different issues, from our hustle to love to marriage and delayed childbirth in marriage. This is a song to remind you that no matter your worries, which at the end of the day aren't necessary, only God knows how your case will turn out and it'll eventually turn out for good.. just trust in God and don't give up!

5. Joromi:

Now this song is one bold song! We know how women like to be approached and courted and wined and dine and all the whole nine yards plus shinanigans in between.  Simi is saying it doesn't always work that way because some guys won't even see you even though you've seen them too much they're now in your head. Some have seen you but are not sure of how you feel or how they even feel and Simi is telling all ladies out there to be bold and go for what they want. Give green light first and if it doesn't work out, shot your shot and drop your number. Who knows, you might just end up dancing with him before the end of the night.

For these beautiful songs you have blessed us with. For your voice that has never failed to calm most. Your lyrics that are ever on point meeting and mending that broken heart, giving hope and encouraging people that it's okay to shoot their shot. For the Simi you have shown us that you are and for the Simi you have kept to yourself and away from the world, we say thank you and happy 30th birthday.

We at NotJustOk love you.