LEAK: Sauce Kid - Hustle + EDonDeyMadT (Radio Edit)


Fresh off the release of the African American album comes a brand new "Salla" leak titled "Hustle" off Sauce Kid's "DaRipOff" Mixtape. As one of Nigeria's foremost rappers today, dude goes in as hard as ever on Justice League's beat; and exhibits lyrical skills that can match his counterparts in the United States. Hate him or love him, he's a lyrical DRAGON!!!

The "DaRipOff" mixtape currently does not have a release date yet but we will definitely keep y'all informed. In related news, YQ and Sauce Kid both have a joint album release party on the 25th of September in Aqua Lounge, Abuja. If you're in or around Abuja, be sure to attend.



[audio:|titles=Sauce Kid - Hustle (NJO)]

Now, hear comes "EDonDeyMadT"; one of the best joints off the "African American" album. It's already getting "madT" love on the radio. We're told to expect an All-Star remix featuring M.I, Terry G, Ghetto P, Naeto C and ofcourse Sinzu himself.

EDonDeyMadT (Radio Version)

[audio:|titles=Sauce Kid - EDonDeyMadT (NJO)]

...And one more thing, purchase a copy of the album if you haven't done so already. 🙂

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