Davido Talks About Being The 1st African Artiste To Sell Out O2 Arena & What It Cost Him

After Conquering O2, Davido Pushes Competition Bar To Drake Level

Davido has finally opened up about being the first African artiste to sell out O2 Arena alone and how he ensured that it was possible so as to avoid being mocked on social media and by Naysayers.


This was stated during Davido's interview with Oldman Ebro on Hot97fm 27th of February where he agreed that he's the first African artiste to sell out O2 ALONE, revealing that it was not an easy feat considering how people didn't turn out initially coupled with how he has been doubted on making that history possible.

Davido revealed that he had wanted to prove all naysayers that said he cannot do it and he was scared when it initially felt like they'll be right with the number of turn up. Knowing that a venue like that cost more when the time is extended, he had to pay extra to ensure that he starts his show when the hall was filled up.

Narrating the experience, he sad;

"I was scared though, because ... first of all, you know how we Africans do, we're always late, we take time... They said I gotta get on stage by 8, and I said alright and then by 8 o'clock my boy come tell me that brother you can't go on stage right now and I say what you mean, he said brother everybody is still walking around, I looked at the stadium, half empty, (he raised his hands on his head to emphasize the frustration he felt.) I was going crazy"

He went further to state that he was informed that extension for every fifty minutes is fifty thousand pounds and that's the price he had to pay because at that point he was ready to pay two hundred thousand pounds to ensure the show is as successful as what he envisaged and not what naysayers said.

"I'll pay two hundred thousand pounds in this place. Me, the way I know my people, people want me to fail. If I go on that stage that place is half empty, somebody will take that picture and that picture will go father than anything. I waited till that place was filled ... I waited for about an hour and thirty before we started. I'd rather pay the fine because people don't want you to win. Negativity goes way farther than positivity. After the show the next day everybody was quiet, they were telling me I couldn't do it, so many people..."

Davido had started 2019 on the right path after his sold-out O2 Arena show on the 27th of January 2019.

Watch the videos below;





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