Did M.I Abaga Respond To Vector on Zoro's 'One on One' remix?

Zoro One on One remix

Vector vs MI

The beef between M.I and Vector seems to have no end. At this point, it is still brewing and might not simmer down anytime soon. You'd have thought that the latest development concerning the beef is A-Q's response to Vector's Judas The Rat, which he aptly titled Distraction 2. However, in Zoro's latest track, a remix of One on One, Vector and M.I are both featured. On the track, M.I apparently takes shots at Vector. Did he really? Let's endeavor to find out.

A-Q's Distraction 2

In A-Q's Distraction 2, the rapper mentioned a number of things including how we wrote Distraction without having any idea that it was aimed at Reminisce, Vector not playing any positive role in his career as a rapper. He stated that Vector's Hennessy deal is a sham and how he really broke down when his baby mama left him. Some people have opined that A-Q was responding on M.I's behalf but there are people who beg to differ. A-Q has been known to be ruthless. He derives pleasure in rap battles.

The Genesis of The Beef Between Both Rappers

Both rappers happen to have different versions of the origin of their beef. According to M.I, he began to notice Vector's negative energy toward him on Kilode. The Safe crooner said Vector also made derogatory comments about his height on the stage at The Headies. But Vector revealed that the beef began when he made his own version of Ice Prince's Oleku. He mentioned that Chocolate City nearly sued him over it. In an extensive interview with Pulse, he bared it all.

M.I's Martell vs Vector's Hennessy (Cyphers)

The rappers both have respective deals with liquor companies, M.I handling the rap cypher for Martell while Vector is responsible for Hennessy. M.I has been steadily coming for Vector because the former believes the latter is doing a terrible job at organizing the cyphers. M.I believes that with Hennessy's massive budget, Vector can do way better.

The story goes way back. M.I was supposed to be in charge of the Hennessy cyphers but he turned down the job because the other rappers who would feature on them wouldn't get paid. Vector, on the other hand, accepted the deal without any fuss. Taking a clinical look at the cyphers, one can assume that M.I does a better job at it than Vector. And that is quite expected when you consider that M.I was the CEO of Chocolate City for sometime. He understands the essence of branding and how to make rap a sellable commodity.

Vector's The Purge And Tetracycling

Following M.I's subliminal diss in the Martell Cypher 2, Vector took to the studio to churn out The Purge. He featured two rappers, Vader and Payper Corleone. Vector had the last verse and he came for M.I's neck on the track. Although rap fans refused to see any damage that was caused by Vector's diss track. He was heavily trolled on Twitter. After waiting for a response from M.I and getting none, the Lafiaji rapper went ahead to release another diss track Tetracycling.

With Tetracycling, Vector managed to hit harder than his first try. He went solo on the track and asides the lackluster instrumental and corny lines, it was a good diss track.

M.I's The Viper

MI's response was colossal and devastating. He didn't hold back. The rapper confidently dismantled Vector on The Viper. Not only was the rollout impressive, but the track was also enjoyable. He was brutal with the way he aired Vector's personal issues on the track. When M.I released his response to Vector, everyone declared him the winner of the battle. His fans clamored all over social media and Vector was called all sorts of names. They ridiculed him and called him a failed rapper. It was a tough time for the rapper and his fans.

Vector's Judas The Rat

Even though Vector took his time, Judas The Rat wreaked havoc. Following in M.I's footsteps, Vector's rollout for the track was commendable. And boy, was he mean with his words on Judas The Rat. He pointed out how M.I has done nothing to help Jesse Jagz' career, how he put two rappers in the Chocolate City camp on; Blaqbonez and A-Q. One could tell that M.I was rattled. He blocked a lot of people on Twitter and eventually entered Vector's DMs on Instagram.

Vector and M.I Featuring on Zoro's One on One Remix

Zoro released One on One in 2018. The indigenous rapper dropped noteworthy bars on the track and his flow was immaculate. One on One remix would be the second song that both rappers will feature on, the first being VJ Adams' Define Rap which featured other acts like Mz Kiss and Vector. Vector appeared to have been throwing shades at M.I on this track - Define Rap. Like many others, I'm only speculating.

On the remix of One on One, Vector went before M.I. His verse was pretty normal and had nothing to do with the beef. M.I went after him and appeared to be dissing Vector on the track. He rapped "Nice one guy but I swear this isn't over. I don save for special folder wetin you do to me, through me God will truly teach you lessons. Brother everything you do to me I go pay you back so better get security. Baba God dey forgive but me I never forget."

Will Vector and M.I battle live?

Vector posted a video yesterday where he claimed that he received a call and was asked to battle M.I live. The money on the table is 40 million naira and Vector has accepted to battle. Now, we wait to hear from M.I. Will he do it?