Davido's New Album "A Good Time" To Feature Meek Mill, Gunna, Lil Baby, Yonda, & More


I remember how elated I was when I received a dm from a friend who worked with Davido’s management team The Plug that I was one of the few people shortlisted for Davido’s listening party. It was like a dream come true. I don’t hide the sentiment I share for Davido. I believe that the Fall crooner is yet one of the most incredible musicians the continent has ever seen. He’s resilient and has an infectious personality. He’s steadily establishing a foothold in the American market. Davido's second studio album A Good Time is set for release in October.

Davido - A Good Time

Davido - A Good Time

It’s quite funny that I arrived at the venue of the event a little early. I would rather be an early bird than get to the event late. After some meandering and trying not pass out from the dangerously chilled breeze, a select number of people gathered in the hall. The aura of the room changed immediately Davido came in. A wave of greatness washed over me and everywhere became tranquil. He was casually dressed in a patterned shirt, some designer jeans and a Gucci cap. He greeted some media personalities and people of interest amicably. It was exciting to see.

A few minutes passed and Davido was seated in front of the crowd. MTV VJ Ehis was seated next to him. He was the host of the event and he started by asking Davido about his show in O2 earlier in the year.

Davido Live in O2

Davido expressed his excitement at being one of the two Nigerian acts to have successfully shut down the O2 Arena. He’s a transparent person that never hesitates to speak the truth as it is. The singer made it known that prior to the show, he had been somewhat doubtful of selling out the event.

On the day of the show, he revealed that there were about 13,000 people seated in the arena. He didn’t go on stage until he was certain that there was no vacant seat (and that costed him 60,000 pounds). He also revealed that he was overwhelmed by the crowd. He’s a good storyteller and one can almost imagine what he felt on the day of the show.

Performing at Amsterdam

Davido became the first African artist to perform at the OhMyFest festival in Amsterdam. According to the Fall crooner, when he was backstage at the show, one of the organizers came to inform him that he shouldn’t be expectant of a zealous crowd. Apparently, the crowd was not a gingered one and all other acts that performed did so to an unresponsive crowd.

Davido said it was a complete turnaround when he stepped on stage. The crowd went berserk as though he’d been the one they’d been waiting for. It was a memorable experience for him, you could tell from the way he told the story. Wizkid also showed him some love at the festival.

Attending 50 Cent’s Tycoon Pool Party

“It’s the same guy that manages Chris Brown and 50 Cent,” Davido says. He got an invitation to 50 Cent's Tycoon Pool party and wasn’t billed to perform. No, actually, he was, indeed, billed to perform. But the singer stated that he was unsure, especially as 50 Cent is popular for trolling on social media. At the party, Davido and his entourage were left with no choice but to sit at a corner of the party.

It eventually happened that Davido was introduced to the DJ – who had listened to Davido’s songs and was a huge fan of him - playing at the party. The DJ, in his excitement, played Davido’s Fall and the people at the party turned up to it. This prompted Davido to perform and he claimed to have shut down the show. The videos that made it to social media are a testament to this.

He caught 50 Cent’s attention and Davido came clean to everyone in the room that he had once approached 50 Cent in LA in 2016 to take a picture, and he was declined. “I don’t take pictures with dudes,” 50 Cent said, according to the Afrobeats singer.

Son of Mercy EP, His Attempt to Enter the US Market, and His First International Deal

I wouldn’t say Davido’s Son of Mercy EP was a bad project. Although the singer believes otherwise. When Ehis mentioned the EP, Davido said “Nigga, that EP was wack af”. It’s rare, if not impossible, to see an artist who is critical of his art and is brutally honest with himself. The EP had good songs such as Gbagbe Oshi, How Long, but it didn’t quite make an impact in the US market.

It is not news that his first international deal was unfavorable and he managed to get himself out of the deal. He realized that he couldn’t appeal to the US market by changing his sound. He left his management and went back to his former manager, Asa Asika.

Coming Back to Nigeria and Making "If" with Tekno, Fall with Kiddominant

After a hiatus in Gabon, Davido returned to Nigeria and linked up with Tekno. He disclosed that Tekno had reached out to him countless times when he was in the US to come back to Nigeria. He also said that he’ll forever be grateful to Tekno for giving him a massive hit If.

2017 was a year of elevation for the superstar as he had back to back hit singles including If, Fall, Fia, Like Dat. His single Fall which was produced by Kiddominant went ahead to become one of the hottest Afrobeats single in the US. Fall went ahead to enter the 13th position on the Billboard Top 100 R&B/Hip-Hop charts.

Meeting Up with Shizzi and Making Blow My Mind

When Davido went back to the US, he felt the need to meet with Shizzi. Shizzi, who had been one of Davido’s producers from his days of Dami Duro, had moved to the US and lost contact with Davido. Davido mentioned that he had occasionally quarreled with Shizzi, so they decided to meet up to discuss and settle their dispute.

Apparently, WurlD originally wrote Blow My Mind but had no intentions of recording it. Davido tweaked it and sent the instrumental (produced by Shizzi) to Meek Mill. He also sent it to Chris Brown and ended up going with Chris Brown’s version. Meek Mill will be on Blow My Mind remix (which will be on Davido's new album).

Compiling The New Album "A Good Time"

This will be Davido's second studio album, a follow-up to Omo Baba Olowo (OBO). Davido made it known that he created the new album with the purport of making his audience happy. "There's enough sadness in the world. I want my music to make people happy," he retorted.

With a go-ahead from his manager, Asa Asika, four songs from his new album A Good Time were played including Risky, Animashaun (feat. Yonda), One Thing, Blow My Mind remix (feat. Meek Mill). Prominent artists such as Gunna, Lil Baby will feature on the album. All the producers on the new album are Nigerian save for one person. It is set for release in October, although the exact date is unknown.

Going on Tour with Chris Brown and Making A Joint Album

Next week, Davido will be going on tour with Chris Brown. The two singers seem to enjoy each other's company. Davido also revealed that he stayed in the same hotel as Chris Brown for three days. He was flexing on Chris Brown's credit card. Friendship goals.

Davido A Good Time

Davido & Chris Brown

"I have four other songs with Chris Brown," Davido said. He furthered that they're also working on a collaborative album.