Can Nigerian-based Artists Win The Grammy Awards Anytime Soon?

One major question that has been on the lips of several music lovers and critics is: Who is going to bring the Grammy Award home in the Nigerian music industry? Many Nigerian artists have stated that they would bring the prestigious award home yet the story has not changed ever since.


There is a variety of Nigerian artists who have been nominated (some more than once) for the Grammy Awards, although none of them was lucky enough to win. These artists include Femi Kuti, King Sunny Ade, Seun Kuti, and many others. Despite their unmissable influence in the growth of the African sound, there has been no honor from Grammys asides for nominations.

King Sunny Ade

Seun Kuti

Femi Kuti

The closest Nigeria has come to (winning) the Grammys are Nigerians (based in the US and UK) who have won the Grammy awards at least once including Chamillionaire, Kevin Olusola, Lekan Babalola, Sade Adu, and Seal. A Nigerian percussionist and songwriter known as Sikiru Adepoju won the Grammy award as part of a music group Planet Drum. That should count for something. Let it be noted that Wizkid also received a Grammy award as a featured act on Drake’s One Dance.

Kevin Olushola

Lekan Babalola

Sade Adu


This is, however, not inspiring enough. It would be a thing of joy if Nigerian-based artists could get proper recognition and brought home the award.

So who’s going to do it first and bring the illustrious award home?

Nigerian acts such as 9ice, Skales, Blackmagic have boasted that they will be the first to win the award on merit. They have mentioned in their songs at some point that they intend to be the first Nigerian-based artists to win the Grammys.




Amongst music fans, there have been suggestions of Nigerian musicians who stand a chance to win.

Johnny Drille, Brymo, Asa, Timi Dakolo have been tipped as some of the Nigerian artists whose songs can get attention from the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) and can possibly win a Grammy award.

Johnny Drille

Timi Dakolo



Afrobeats is currently on the rise in the US market and some Nigerian music lovers have reasoned that the top acts who are pushing the genre to global acceptance including Wizkid, Davido, Burna Boy might just be rewarded with Grammy awards. It’s not impossible, is it? It’s hard to tell.



Burna Boy

The truth is that as much as Afrobeats is quickly spreading in the US, there is still a lot of work to be done if we want to get the recognition we think we deserve. If there’s anything that we have learned lately, it’s that the best way for us to gain grounds in the US is to stay true to our roots and not try to adulterate our sound in a bid to appeal to the market. This is the only way that the Nigerian sound can be truly rated.

Hopefully, as we penetrate the US market and attention is being paid to our music, we would be considered worthy of the Grammys.



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