Can Music Make You a Better Athlete?


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Light it Up

After extensive research, Costas Karageorghis concluded that music canstimulate or soothe your senses and improve muscle control.

When the brain is listening to music, it lights up like a Christmas tree”,Karageorghis said in his book Applying Music in Exercise and Sport.

Music works as a stimulus and activates majorareas of the brain responsible for different actions. The different areas of your brain light up when you hear your favorite tunes andthese are the functions they perform.

  1. Parietal Lobe – It is responsible for voluntary muscle activity and initiating nerve impulses.
  2. Occipital Lobe – It processes vision in humans and is responsible for the coordination of different parts of the body.
  3. Temporal Lobe – Situated below the parietal lobe the temporal lobe is responsible for the recognition of auditory stimuli, speaking, and perception of characteristics.
  4. Frontal Lobe and the Cerebellum– It performs several functions related to movement and coordination and is responsible for all the majoractions of our body suchas regulating emotions.

How music affects these areas and makes you a better athlete

These four major lobes of the brain are collectively responsible for your athleticism.

In the temporal lobe, cortisol– a stress hormone, is released that regulates stress. Music helps lower the formation of cortisol and thereby reducing stress. The Parietal lobe is responsible for our motor function, which helps us find our rhythm. The parietal lobe helps us determine the direction in which we throw or kick a ball or move our limbs while running from point A to point B.

Music assists all of these areas to work in sync with one another and makes you a better athlete.

Music is my Drug

Based on Karageorghis’s research, music acts as a performance-enhancing drug as it taps into the brain's chemical secretion.

Studies suggest that listening to music affects the brain by stimulating the formation of the neurotransmitter dopamine. It interferes with your brain in a positive way, but only if you’re listening to the right type of music, here’s how.

  • The right kind of music works in cohesion with your brainwave patterns and reduces distractions
  • It sets your mood, which is why you often hear energetic tunes at the gym instead of slow songs.

Performance Booster

According to Reyna Gordon, a neuroscientist, it is uncommon for so many parts of the brain to act in unison. But with the power of music, all the major areas of the brain work together and amp up your routine.

So, now you know the simple formula that makes you a better athlete requires only two variables, you and music.