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The self-acclaimed "most powerful artist in the world" is known for his solid projects, which is why they deserve attention.

Brymo Albums Ranking

Ọlawale Ọlọfọrọ, popularly known as Brymo, is known for his aesthetic craft, in which he tells his (and others') stories through meticulously crafted projects that are mostly sonically and thematically in sync with what a classic album should be.


Not to downplay this artist's creativity, but some albums come out more appealing than others, and with over ten projects (including live albums and EPs) released, this article will focus on Brymo albums in order of preference.

10. Brymstone

The artist's first ever body of work, which was released in 2007, for obvious reason, takes the number ten position on the list. The album's distribution is weak, hence, it's hard to get hold of it on digital platforms. It houses songs like 'No Vex', 'Shawdy', 'Full Mumu', and a list of others.

Brymo Albums Ranking
Brymo 'Brymstone' Artwork

9. The Son Of A Kapenta

The singer's first album after signing with Chocolate City, one of the country's top labels at the time. The album, released in 2012, explores Brymo's skill as a pop singer with elements of Fuji. Ace rappers M.I Abaga, Jesse Jagz, Ice Prince, and other talented acts are featured on the project. Quality songs off the album include '1986', 'Ara', 'Go Hard', 'Omoge Campus', 'If You Were Mine', 'Good Morning' and a host of others. 

8 - 9: Harmattan & Winter

A one-side of the double album by the singer-songwriter titled "9", which was released in 2021. "9: Harmattan & Winter" is the English version of the album, with a total of nine songs. Although the 'Esan' pat of the '9' album is generally preferred by music lovers, songs like 'There is a place', 'Winifred', and 'We all lose sometimes' are highlights of the body of work.

7 - Live! at TerraKulture Arena

Although this album is a compilation of live performances of selected songs by the singer, it should be lauded as it is not a common practice in the Nigerian music scene. With a total of seven songs which have been previously released, 'Live! at Terrakulture Arena', released in 2019, gives you a refreshing live performance feel each time you press play. Songs like "No Be Me (Live)", "Down (Live)", "Fe mi (Live)" and others are included in this project.

6- Klitoris

With a controversial title that means "Key" in the Greek language, the singer-songwriter was able to get the right attention for this project, which yielded resounding results. The 11-track Afro-soul project, released in 2016, is his fifth studio album and third independently-released project. It houses songs like 'Naked (which featured his girlfriend Esse Kakada), "Dem Dey Go," "Happy Memories," "Alajo Somolu," "Something Good is Happening" and a host of other aesthetically pleasing tunes.

5 - Merchants, Dealers & Slaves

The singer's third studio album and first independently produced album was released a few days after his then label, Chocolate City, filed a case against him. The album, entirely produced by the highly underrated Mikky Me Joses, is the first major step in sealing the alternative-minded Brymo, who wants to create music freely. The 11-track project houses the classic 'Down', as well as songs like 'Truthfully', 'Cheap Wine', 'Purple Jar', 'Se B'otimo', among others.

4- 9: Esan

The second part of the double album by the singer-songwriter is titled "9", which was released in 2021. "9: Esan" is the Yoruba version of the album, with a total of nine songs. It is largely preferred by music lovers and scholars over "9: Harmattan & Winter". Songs like "Akoko", "Meji Meji", "Okunrin Meta", "Temi Ni Temi", and "Aleluya Meje" are highlights of the body of work.

3 - Tabula Rasa (The Gift)

Released in 2014, the album's title is a Latin word which means "blank slate" and it is the singer's fourth studio album. It was his second attempt at releasing a project after he became an independent artist, and it further strengthened the 'Brymo Persona', which was struggling during his chocolate city days. It houses songs like "Fe Mi", "Dear Child", "1 Pound", "Prick No Get Shoulder", "Nothing's ever promised tomorrow" and a host of others.

2. Yellow

Riding on a 'god' wave, the self-acclaimed "most powerful artist in the world" continues to show his expertise in creating coherent bodies of work. Accorded by many as one of the best albums to be released in 2020, the 15-track alternative pop album was performed in English (6), Pidgin English (3), and Yoruba (4), featuring songstress Lindsey Abudei. Brymo's seventh studio project, 'Yellow', houses classic tunes like 'Ozymandias', 'Strippers + White Lines/Smart Monkey', 'Black Man, Black Woman', 'Gambu', 'Rara Rira', 'Adedotun', 'Orun n Mooru', 'A Feedu Fan'na' and a slew of others. 

1 - Oso

Another no-feature project by the ace singer-songwriter, "Oso," which in Yoruba means "Wizard," is Brymo's sixth studio album. The 11-track alternative folk album, which was released in 2018, was again produced entirely by Mikky Me Joses and it houses songs like 'Heya', 'No Be Me', 'Patience and Goodluck', 'God is in your mind', 'Entropy', 'Olanrewaju', 'Olumo', 'Ba'nuso' and a host of others. 

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