The Best In-Game Music in Casual Games


Good in-game music can make or break a video game. Like all to date, remember the Mario theme music, even if some of us did not even play it. Even the younger siblings who were always forced to play with Luigi can never forget the original Mario song. That is the kind of power music has on people's cognition.


Research says that this matters because sound also helps people's thinking, responses, behavior, and playing patterns. When you play on online casinos, races, or puzzles, you will notice that all of them have different music set up. 

So, what are the differences and the best types of in-game music when it comes to casual games? Let us find out more about this in the article below. 

Top in-game music in casual games

We have listed the top 4 types of in-game music that are the best finds in casual games. 

1# Orchestral

Orchestral music is a little on the dramatic and emotional side of the music scale. Orchestral symphonies, a staple of movie music, have cemented their place at the forefront of the heap when it concerns video game music. An excellent music arrangement and a lot of instruments are needed for these great soundtracks.

These soundtracks are excellent constants for powerful themes, storytelling moments, and animations due to symphonic music's propensity for intensely stirring sounds and intense dramatic moments. These tracks are mostly used in races or casino games where there is a chance for good drama and big wins. For example, a football-themed casino game can have a piece of orchestral music at the end, which has the crowd cheering for your win. 

2# Electronic

These games are mostly used to find the mystery or clue genre of games where there is a chance for suspense and thrill. Electronic in-game music has a lot of scope for beats, melodramatic entries, and incidents. Every time the protagonist kills an opponent or manages to reach to find a clue to solve the mystery, these music tracks become a great fit. 

3# Time/Location Specific

These are in-game music that is customized with respect to the region this game is played in. these types of music tracks are constantly updated and pay respect to local culture-specific topics. 

4# Jazz

Did you ever think that fine quality Jazz music, which is a posh choice in itself, could be part of games? Yes, they can. Jazz may have joined the video game industry much later than orchestral and electronic music, but they are now widely loved by players. Simple word-finding games or word-maker games that need people to put their whole attention to the game mostly use this kind of music. 

Parting Thoughts 

Among all the in-game music types we just mentioned, orchestral music is one of the most and most widely used due to the drama it offers. But the other types are not far behind.

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