5 Times Portable turned famous internet moments into songs


Popular controversial singer, Habeeb Okikiola, better known as Portable is once again making headlines, but this time not just for his electrifying performances.

Caught on camera evading police arrest by skillfully scaling a fence over his G Wagon debt, Portable has once more proven his ability to turn real-life drama into musical gold. Teasing a new single titled Spiderman inspired by his daring escape, Portable continues his trend of transforming viral moments into catchy tunes.

For the Dr. Zeh, this isn't uncharted territory. Recently, he made waves with a diss track aimed at famous Nigerian cross-dresser, Bobrisky, amid their feud. In an era where social media sensations rise and fall in the blink of an eye, Portable stands out as a master of capturing these fleeting instances of internet fame and immortalising them in song.

NotjustOk has compiled a list of five instances where Portable has brilliantly transformed viral moments into musical magic, seamlessly merging the chaos of the online world with the harmony of his compositions.

5. Spiderman

Portable's latest venture into turning viral moments into music comes with his newest track, Spiderman. The street pop singer recently faced legal trouble over unpaid debts on his Mercedes-Benz GLE 350. Following a daring escape from police custody by jumping a fence, Portable has returned to the studio, teasing fans with a snippet of his upcoming song, Spiderman. Despite his recent arrest stemming from allegations of defaulting on payments for the GLE, Portable's creativity remains undeterred as he transforms his real-life drama into musical artistry.

The lyrics say in part, “Call me Spiderman, I saw danger, I jumped the fence. They say I owe money; if you want to live long, owe them debt, let them owe you. It’s a rich man who owes a car debt.”

4. Brotherhood

In another instance of Portable turning viral moments into music, the street-hop artist engaged in an online feud with popular Nigerian cross-dresser, Bobrisky earlier this year, 2024. The dispute erupted after Bobrisky won the title of Best Dressed Female at a movie premiere, a claim Portable publicly contested. In response to the altercation, Portable released a diss track titled Brotherhood, where he mocked Bobrisky's lifestyle. Known for his energetic performances and sometimes controversial remarks, Portable's diss track added fuel to the fire, transforming the online spat into a viral musical moment.

3. I am not a prisoner

Adding to his repertoire of transforming viral moments into music, Portable's arrest in 2023 became the inspiration for his single, I Am Not A Prisoner. Following his time in detention, Portable documented his experience through song, encapsulating his brief stint behind bars. The track resonated with audiences, turning a personal ordeal into a viral sensation and showcasing Portable's ability to transform adversity into art.

2. Apostle

In a bold move to address a controversial incident, Portable seized upon the news surrounding Nigerian clergyman, Apostle Johnson Suleman's encounter with alleged hitmen in Edo State. The pastor's survival, attributed to divine intervention despite being in a bulletproof car while some of his escorts were reportedly left vulnerable, sparked public debate. Portable's response came in the form of a satirical single titled Apostle, where he humorously mocked Suleman for preaching faith while relying on bulletproof cars for protection. Through his music, Portable shed light on the contradictions within religious rhetoric, turning the incident into a viral moment and showcasing his ability to provoke thought through satire.

1. Bigger Than The Headies

Portable's journey to the 2022 Headies took a dramatic turn when, after earning nominations, he threatened violence against other nominees if they won over him. Consequently, the Headies Academy disqualified him. In response, Portable released a defiant diss track titled Bigger Than The Headies, claiming superiority over the awards and aiming for the Grammys. This bold move propelled him into the spotlight once again, highlighting his unyielding confidence and determination.