5 Things To Know About Tiwa Savage As She Turns 38


Nigerian Afropop Diva Tiwa Savage is a year plus today, did we just say a year plus? That is too vague, she is 38 years old and popping as you all know.

Today we will be taking you through 5 Things we found out and would want you to know about the phenomenal queen. So without taking too much of your time... let's go there

1. Speaking to Tiwa Savage in an interview on NotjustokTV she revealed her love for going on tours and why she loves it. To this hardworking songwriter, tours are opportunities to bond and connect with other members of her crew and also meet new people... not just meet them, but also get to know them well... what a fun way to work, right?

2. The next thing you should know about her is that Tiwa Savage is enjoying motherhood and all that comes with it. I shouldn't tell you that because it is so obvious from her social media pages, but then the soft-spoken singer mentioned that aside the things she posts on her social media page, they are some benefit that comes with this title such as getting away with some things; things like jumping the queue at the airport with the help of people who were even there before you and being offered a seat when you're on the train in London... how cool are these benefits?

3. As writers, we are fond of tagging Tiwa Savage as a female artiste, which in the real sense, is what she truly is. But the talented singer is here telling us to stop categorizing her as a female artiste as that is a form of boxing her as just a female artiste, instead of the Nigerian talented artiste that she really is. Tiwa stated that a better description for her is to be seen as one of the Best artistes in Africa... is that too hard for us to do? We'll see.

4. Is Tiwa changing her sound soon to fit into the international market? This is a question some people have been asking "codedly" and she has finally answered. The answer is  "No Way!". Speaking to NotjustokTV, Tiwa Savage revealed that she is not changing her sound, as changing her sound will be her missing the whole point. To her, there is a purpose for her sound and that purpose is to promote Afropop, thereby telling popular stories with the African sound. She went further to state that even the American superstar, JayZ made it known that one of the reasons he approached her and Don Jazzy was because of her unique sound and she is not changing that sound for anything. So guys, rest assured, no matter how international our African queen goes, she is still ours.

5. Finally, have you ever wondered what the best song of Tiwa is from her RED album? You'd have to keep wondering because that was not disclosed and she is not talking about that anytime soon, but one thing you should know is that Tiwa considers "Say It" as her most meaning track as the song encourages women to speak out in a society that does everything to keep them silent and she hopes that the song will continue to empower women to talk more about and against abuse and domestic violence.

That is all we are revealing on Tiwa Savage as she clocks 38. We are sure they are so many things you love and some that you do not know about her, NotjustokHype should help you with that, and if you want to know more, watch her interview below;