5 Reasons We Love Wizkid's "No Stress" - | #MadeInLagos

Wizkid has finally dropped a single off of his "Made in Lagos" Album, "No Stress"; an album the superstar has been promising us for the longest time and this record is definitely making us feel many types of ways.
Wizkid 'No stress'


With reviews for this record pouring from different FCs, we have listened and will give you five reasons we love "No Stress" by 'Daddy Yo'.
1. Stressless: Yep, we know this is another word for "no stress" but what can we say, Wizkid has finally given us our go-to track when we don't need any stress. Or do you have a better jam for such a time?
2. Lyrics: 'No Stress' lyrics will take you by the hand, whisper sweetness to your ears, and lead you straight to the bedroom with its titillating tune. Only a few artists have been able to bring consistent surefire lyrics like Wizkid and for us, the sexiest lines in 'No Stress' are;
Girl your body calling me right now
Girl so me need to say what's on my mind
Now Make you suck make I f$*k
Baby right now'
3. Eargasm: Whether you're heading back from a night out from one of the most romantic bars in Lagos or thinking about hitting up one of Lagos clubs, this 'No Stress' tune will set the mood with the silky Afropop lyrics and sound that will set your feet dancing, giving you an orgasmic feeling at the same time.
4. Silky Voice: Even if we were expecting some female moaning in between the song, Wizkid sounded so calm giving us those silky male dominance vocals.
5. Bedroom Playlist Worthy: It is in fact classic ear porn and deserves to be added to a bedroom playlist if you have one. If you don't, you could create one right away with this song in it.
There you have it, our 5 reasons we love a "stressless" track like the one Daddy Yo served. If you have some that you think we forgot to mention, please do not hesitate to add it just in the comment section below!