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The 10 Most Gifted Rappers in Nigeria

Post by Demola OG, September 6th, 2013

It is safe to say that the Hip-Hop scene in Nigeria is beginning to take form and may soon become a viable and more commercial genre in the Nigerian music scene; only time will tell.

In the past year, summer of 2012 to summer of 2013, a handful of rappers have dropped music consistently or have released a body of work such as a mixtape or full length album to stay relevant in the hiphop scene. Because not all rappers are made the same, we gathered all the material from these relevant rap artists and listened diligently. During this process we judged each EMCEE on skill, from wordplay ability, delivery style, catchy and versatile flow, lyrical potency, punch line, rhyming not just to rhyme, and story telling.

Here is the list of The 10 Most Gifted Rappers in Nigeria.



10. Reminisce

Reminisce is a very skilful rapper when it comes to his local dialect, Yoruba, and pretty decent when spittin’ in the English language. His street appeal and commercial success have made him very relevant whenever rap is mentioned in Nigeria. His versatility, catchy phrases describing his thoughts tend to usually solicit a rewind to verify that you heard right while listening to his music. He displayed this perfectly in “Government (Ijoba)” featuring Olamide and Endia.

 9. Naeto C

Naeto C came in the game and took rap to an unprecedented commercial level with Kini Big Deal and his debut album. You can also tell that apart from being a rapper, he is a music composer who focuses on building the structure of his songs. Naeto also tends to pay special attention to details from his very catchy hooks to his bars.  He displays all these on Tony Montana, I gentle O, Can You Do It and even his older tracks.

8. Vector

Other than his work ethic, Vector‘s strength is his word play ability. He tends to put words together to make meaning and then goes ahead and uses that meaning to explain a point. So for the most part, he uses inference as opposed to laying down lyrics that will paint a clear picture. It’s almost like, sometimes he wants his audience to do some work in order to figure out the point he tries to make.  In addition, Vector keeps a strong flow for the most part and delivers the right voice tone/inflection to each beat/instrumental and music context.

7. Ice Prince

Panshak Zamani unofficially holds the current title for “most commercial rap artist”, but still makes the list for a couple of  reasons; his canny ability to coin catchy rap lines and hooks in his commercial songs such as “Aboki” and his fierce delivery that commands attention when we listen to his hard core rap freestyles such as “Truth”. Like it or not, it requires real skills to go commercial as a rapper and still switch it up when required.

6. ShowDemCamp (SDC)

The duo Ghost and Tec are true rappers of this time. When they rap, they tend not to emphasize their punchlines or wordplay so as not to compromise the big picture. Instead, they use their wordplay as tools to stay on topic and to paint a very clear scenario or story. Ghost spits the lyrical fiya and Tec delivers catchy flows, but together they are able to rap without compromising or mumbling words just to rhyme. SDC’s ultimate focus in most of their verses is to deliver a  full story or use descriptions to make a point that you will see play out in your head as you listen, and they still manage to make each line rhyme. They also tend to be big on rapping about their experiences and lifestyle.

5. SiNZU

No one is touching Sinzu when it comes to maintaining the same level of delivery on any kind of beat or song; party, conscious, gangster, local… you name it. He is as versatile as they come. Most of us know that Sinzu grew up partly in Ogba, Lagos and Los Angeles California.  His strength is his impeccable delivery (flow, bars and words) when he does any type of track. So when he is rappin’ with a down South or  an L.A type flow, he does it properly and is still able to switch to Naija street type flow within the same 16 bars. Sinzu is also big on infusing humour into his music which keeps his listeners very entertained.

4. M.I

Since M.I Abaga dropped his debut album in 2008, rap music has never been the same. He single-handedly upped the standards of Naija rap music. With M.I, his voice coupled with his skill (strong flow, punch lines, story telling ability and uncommon and unexpected joining of words to make meaning which is popularly known as wordplay) make him a master at rapping. On LOST, the 1st single of his iLLegal Music 2 mixtape, instead of just saying some folks are taking the piss, he put words together and delivered these lines ‘these dicks made a quick move to zipper down a piss take‘ … You can hear more from the aformentioned mixtape… Don’t be fooled by Chairman.

3. Phyno

When you rap in a native African language (Igbo) and you are able to deliver it in a polished manner that gets even those who don’t understand the words that are coming out of your mouth to not only listen, but wish that they understood your language so that they can experience the entirety of what you are spittin, then you are on your way to greatness. This is one of Phyno‘s core strengths and it is obvious that he has won the hearts of most music lovers in Nigeria to where his name has to be mentioned whenever rap music is the topic of discussion. His style can easily be exported and liked outside Nigeria.

2. Olamide

Other than his apparent work ethic which is evident in the rate at which he releases music, Olamide’s nonchalant, street flavored and playful delivery of words which surprisingly, typically make sense and rhymes, tend to draw most of us to listen to him; so he has taken care of the attraction factor where most people actually feel the need to listen to his verses all the way through. Digging deeper to his lyrics both in English and Yoruba, Olamide is not much of a storyteller but he is able to make a clear point with strong metaphors, which are difficult to rhyme in Yoruba, and out of this world comparisons that are guaranteed to crack you up.

1. ModeNine

Whether he knows it or not, ModeNine, who we can all agree is the GrandFather of true lyricism in Nigerian hiphop, has the ability and skill to go commercial. This fierce emcee can do anything with words from punch lines, to clear and vivid story telling, to using metaphors that will make you put a puzzle together in his verses. ModeNine’s flow is extra fluid and floats exactly to the beat; he spits his lyrics right within the confines of whatever beat he is dealt in an effortless manner. For all his fans praying he goes commercial, there is hope because he can if he decides to.

Worthy Mentions

1. Phenom

Phenom‘s potential is obvious; all you have to do is listen to his TKG freestyle where he switches flows at will whenever the beat switched. He also delivered on all songs he featured on including Maleek Berry’s New Bounce ft Wizkid.

2. Boogey

Boogey is a fast rapper so you have to listen fast so you can follow him when he skilfully delivers his bars. The kid can rap very well and it appears that ModeNine and M.I agree and respect his skill level enough to feature him on their Occupy The Throne and iLLegal Music 2 mixtapes respectively.

3. Ikechukwu

Ikechukwu also known as Killz remains relevant in Nigerian rap music today. Killz is going the commercial route with an Igbo angle and we all check for his new joints whenever they get released.

4. IllBliss

Ibo Boy iLLBliss who dropped his new album in December of 2012 raps with a calm flow without too much force and delivers his bars in a regular talking tone which fits his size and demeanor. BOSS-type delivery, its no wonder he named his most recent album OGA BOSS.

5. Jesse Jagz

Jargo as most of us know him, has turned all the way spiritual and can rap his lungs off. In his most recent album, he spits long bars on most of the songs to a point that you actually realize that he has been rapping for a while. Above his ability to rap for long at one go, Jesse Jagz also tends to speak lots of sense; personal and social-wise in his music.

Do You Agree With The notjustOk List of The 10 Most Gifted Rappers In Nigeria ?

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258 responses to “The 10 Most Gifted Rappers in Nigeria”

  1. S.A.O says:

    WE ARE TIRED OF MODENINE…"i'm the best" "he's the best" no be by 1st come 1st serve…the guy isn't a musician talking about "commercial, real hi-ho" if he was a musician, he would know how to ride that tight roe…

  2. CORE says:

    Oppsss…dis ppl blocked my browser from opening this page because i voted I Do Not Agree???? Sorry ave got more than one comp 🙂 ….So Phyno came before M.I , vector and Ice-prince? Oh Jesse Jagz is not even on the list…Lol…whoever did this ranking must be high on codeine….Forbes Nigeria and NJO ave got alot in common…Lol

  3. dhandy says:

    Cool list. Almost faultless. That reminds me,wetin be dat pikin name again sef ?? Hennhen! Yung 6ix!!! Come see ur seniors dem ooo

  4. Osiohwo says:

    This compilation was great. Buh for me Reminisce shudnt be on the Top 10. Jesse Jagz was surpose to be in this List. And also the Self accliamed KOS & Best Naija Rapper. Yung6ix didn’t Even make the worthy mensions. Talk more of Top 10 most gifted. WHY!!!!

  5. @DONP07 says:

    @SAO Mode wld still be the best cus he can let it go n get home only to find it in an alphabetical order. Mode is d only 9ja rapper i cant easily b beta than…#true

  6. Spacome says:

    I agreed with the list bcos most of my favorites re listed…Bt I think Erigga is supposed to among the Worthy Mentions…

  7. Notjustok Critic says:

    i actually think they list is legit. I think notjustok included street credibility , online buzz and impact as a whole in the industry when they were making the list. You can't really crown M.I as king at the moment when he hasn't dropped an album in 2 years. Even his highly anticipated single 'chairman' was mediocre and that's coming from a huge M.I Fan. Same goes with mode nince! I'm surprised the likes of Poe, Pherowshuz, Loose Kaynon and bridge of LOS didn't make the list though.

  8. paulmirabilis says:

    Why is NOTJUSTOK doing this?Why must you do a list of the 10 most gifted rappers and you included SINZU(who obviously has been releasing wack songs for nothing less than 2 years) while omitting Jesse Jagz?…didn't you listen to Jesse's recent album?Were you high on something while making the list?…Well i rest my case

  9. bolaspamemail says:

    Port Harcourts Own Kris Bonkers is Better than all these guys.. No disrespect to any of the above mentioned they are dope..BUT THERE IS A NEW SHERIFF IN TOWN check out a previous post on NOTJUSTOK on KRIS BONKERS click link below

  10. it ook, bcus looking at all dis stars all of dem are trying there best in area dey no dat dey good at, especially my man olamide.

  11. Oladapo Olaitan says:

    If Dagrin was alive, he'd definitely make this list. R.I.P omo ogun, barack o'grin

  12. Apuesto says:

    LOL…. where is Vic. O and Cyrus da Virus on d list??… This is political !!…. Lol and I think Freeze of Cool fm should be on the list too, if not he would start his war on twitter as usual… Lol…

  13. xxx says:

    this list is shit.

  14. Dave says:

    Honestly, Sauce kid( Sinzu) is the best rapper we have in Nigeria.. No other person is as diverse as him, can't even count the amount of styles he has. When he wants to spit real fire no one comes close. Just go listen to his airplane mode freestyle, dude murdered it, and then his Da rip off mixtape? easily one of the hardest out of Nigeria no doubt! I just want some new music from him, like all his fans do. No one is touching sinzu though. You can argue all you want.

  15. wayne says:

    Yh, u knw jesse jags releases dope tracks yet his name is not on d list?? Phenom too.. And wat sort of listing is dat?vec 8th MI 4th u must b drunk..NOTJUSTOK u are indeed not ok..Notjustok BALU!!! Like davido wld say..

  16. NoHYPEfx says:

    well,, notjust ok is just a music blog, they have a right to their opinion, they are not or do not pose as an authority when it comes to making such lists, they obviously dont know how to or who should be consulted in making a list as the most gifted rapper… there are people who do nothing but ;listen to music , you guys run a music blog doesnt meant you have indepth knowledge about music.. how many oof you guys were on the panel that claimed to listen to all their songs? a panel that felt reminisce and not jesse jagz should be on the list, a panel that placed olamide before MI. arent you guys supposed to be chasing credibility? shouldnt you guys do more of consulting rather than thinking you all knoow music…. all you guys do is post music, all yall do is hype new songs… do you guys ever write opinions and stuff like that?? check all the endorsements on ur blog and you cant even give ur users a very good experience…. yall need to refresh and reset or whatever you want to call it

  17. word says:


  18. Cheals(Wado) says:

    1. Modenine
    2. Jesse Jagz
    3. M.I
    4. Godwon
    5. Vector/ Ice Prince

  19. shina2 says:

    Pure nonsense how is olamide number 2 and vector is number 8 when Olamide cant even compose a sentence or is it by commercial craps he's been giving you guys? yorubas and pure nonsense, have you listened to vectors word plays? even MI crowned vector as the dopest rapper for now and i think he should be number 2. Even reminisce is more of a rapper than olamide thats just lucky because dagrin died and he came out during the era of social media hence the hype and buzz. Notjustok is definitely not okay with this rubbish list..i'm out of here

  20. Someone_Special says:

    We all have our own number 1 based on our different sentiments. This list was compiled by notjustok and they used their own criteria to come up with the list. You can either agree or disagree. Let us enjoy the different varieties and stop all this "I better pass you" stuff. Few days ago it was Forbes and now notjustok.

  21. Hmmm says:

    If your talking about most gifted rappers in Nigeria then this list cant be correct because Bridge of LOS is missing.

  22. U just can’t make a list wat sort of list is dis? dis is 2013 not 2004. Too many names Missing. Don’t even know where 2 start. Although its a 10 man list but I personally can name over 30 rapper who shud be on d list. So don’t make a list especially if u re gonna put more mediocre names on its. Haba no terry d rapman, no pherowshus, no phenom, no jesse jag, no OverDose, skale, even m trill dey flow nah Too many too mention. Wetin female rapper nor even make d list. Pls next time categorise it. We have Rappers, Lyricist, Freestylist, Emcees. Etc not all artist on dat list are rappers.

  23. owolabz says:

    Just when i was about commending NotJustOk for giving us a wonderful week full of Hits and quality updates!! You guys just RUINED it with your TOP 10 List.
    No hating on those that made the list BUT as a music Blog that understands MUSIC? Shouldn't you have made a voting poll with all rappers' name (both male & female) and let us vote? OR is this a gimmick for traffic on Notjustok? Really Ovie, you should learn to carry your (NOTJUSTOK) fans along and seek their opinions too..

    I disagree with the LIST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. @mavenmike says:

    Where Is "DUNCAN MIGHTY" in this List ? Aww pls are u kiddin me ?

  25. This list is ok , Njk tried to the best they can , don’t take anybody’s glory just because you can write a comment here and describe your stupidity… If you say olamide doesn’t deserve number 2 spot in this list then you have not sense of judgement to say anything about rap music , the three rappers I can vouch for are olamide ,mode nine , and M.I the rest are just gibberish rappers especially ice prince ….vector was wey better wen he go into the game not now , as a great rapper u have to be consistent and not settle for scrabs … Sinzu has the talent but I honestly haven’t listened to much of his works , sdc? As in really? I don’t even classify them as rappers , neato c is perfect where he is , lets give it to Njk they tried to me the list is ok only some omissions and mis placements that are not too necessary for a blogs list

  26. 9jafreak says:

    Jesse Jagz not Top 3?
    That's the album of the year son. Come on now, easy on the drinks!

  27. El Savador says:

    Phyno cannot come before M.I now?

  28. dapo says:

    What type of dumb list is this! Most of the rappers on that list can’t communicate with errbodi! So how did they make the list! Smh.. U guyz r just biased ; also what happened to those beatbuxx 360 guyz Ace ThaEmcee, J.Berg & 12guage , these guyz will flaw 95% of this your trash list anyday, but then again u r a true hiphop hater.. Smh.. Even ms.chief their female rapper will clear 80% of these your so called top10 rappers… Or u have forgotten they had one of the best mixtapes last year with their compilation mixtape.. Anyway then again u r a hater.. Even this year ms.chief ep and especially ace thaemcee freestyles which obviously u didn’t give a thought to post crushed all these weak rappers, even boogey, phenom, and muna will mess your so called top10 rappers up.. Smh.. But then again u r a hater ovie smh.. Next time before you put out such list make your research punk! But then again you are a hater! Smh.. Like seriously reminisce, phyno ? U guyz r nothing but a JOKE!

  29. Danny L says:

    The list is not that bad, it's kinda fair. They should've mentioned pherowshuz tho, and Jesse Jagz should've made the list not the worth mentioning section. Other rappers worth mentioning include 5mics, maytronomy and kahli tho they are not making much buzz at the moment but as far as rap is concerned in naija they should be mentioned at least.
    P.S: O.D and Terrytharapman take note, you guys are not here because you're not on the top of your game not bcos you ain't good enough. put that work in. Peace.

  30. Okenna Michael Nwanguma says:

    I think this list is quite insightful eventhough it can be contested. Its nice to re-emphasize that Rugged Man and Yungsix are not first ten in the game today. If you want to make the list, step up your game!

  31. adewus4real says:

    Please why is Modenine top of the list? Even in this "material put out business" his material is not GREAT. He WAS REALLY GOOOD. Please stop giving him credit on past glory. We are tired of it. Based on material, hits and work ethic or whatever Olamide should be top of the list followed by Phyno and then Ice Prince.

  32. Ifeanyi Oslo says:

    How on earth would they make a list and exclude Vic O – Duhhhh. Nice one though

  33. victor says:

    Yung6ix no even show face ….Lol

  34. EarsOfTheStreetz says:

    Its not possible to totally agree with any rankings but this is a clear indication that the guys at NJO havent been listening to rap in naij. whats the worthy mentions thing about? to say sorry? Yung6ix is worthy of a mention if thats it…pointless!! SDC should be up on the list – The whole cloned wars (1 n 2) project has been the best rap shit outta naij since whenever and they are number 1 to me.

  35. EarsOfTheStreetz says:

    Oh! Also forgot to ask…Eldee is not a rapper in NJO's books?

  36. Nonya says:

    Olamide No.1
    Ice Prince is a wack rapper…lame lines
    Naeto C. also
    Phenom should be there

  37. Mike Tee says:

    Where is my nigga 6ix?

  38. music critque says:

    Some ppl on d list aren’t meant 2 b there n mode9 shudnt be no1, but meanwhile enuf respect 2 d two tight indigenous rappers (phyno n olamide) on d list, dats wat they call “gift” n our list says “gifted” so tink well b4 u criticize, diz guyz switch bw their native language and English automatically jst like sakz (obidi) is doin in Ghana, mehn !! Dats wat dey call gift, and they’ve shown dat street credibility draws more attention dan tryn 2be someone else… Olamide is tight !! I respect phyno much cos he hasn’t done much songs n already gettn much luv, wats gona hapn in months to come wen he drops an album ? Am a big fan of indigenous rap (no mata d tribe) and am working on mine….. Ice-prince is dope sha #blessup

  39. baddessst says:

    Like seriously

  40. tusheghe says:

    boogey is suppose to be on the top 10

  41. sholascott says:

    Fair Enough List………………….

  42. Nenye Ibeanu says:

    totally wrong, how can Vector b number 8? MI, number 3? hv u listened to their lyrics or u r going after beat or xperience? serzl, where is yung6ix on dis list? showdemcamp, ice and sinzu r def not better than my VEC.

  43. OMAR11 says:

    Dis Listing did not even go with the very topic in circle ‘GIFTED RAPPER’…

    #2 nd #3 spit sporadicaly! likes of them never and will not ever be up to the standard to be compare with #M.I #BOOGEY #JESSE #VECTOR #MOD9 Or # ZAMANI.!!!

  44. OMAR11 says:

    Dis Listing did not even go with the very topic in circle ‘GIFTED RAPPER’…

    #2 nd #3 spit sporadicaly! likes of them never and will not ever be up to the standard to be compare with #M.I #BOOGEY #JESSE #VECTOR #MOD9 Or # ZAMANI.!!!

  45. i_am_Marko Panshak says:

    This is my own top five (5) not ten(10)
    1.Ice prince
    2.Jesse jagz
    5.M I
    Anyone who is not comfortable with this should go and kill his or her self Ice prince is the best rapper alive now in Nigeria

  46. mark says:

    pls forget all dis most gifted issh abeg, best rapper means successful, popular, correct jams.. Pls mode nine doesnt even fit in @ all.. MI takes the crown.. If yu are a good musician yu shld b able to satisfy yur audience and still keep yur lyrics real, which modenine has failed mercilessly… Iceprince is wack YES, buh the bros has millions more than modenine. Yu wicked Nigerians instead of ovahyping mode nine, advice him!! All dis his shakara hardcore bullcrap will keep him hungry, even illbliss dah was hardcore had to deviate…

  47. Mickywatt says:

    I Don't Agree

  48. jesse says:

    Guys dis list is a complete error.MY GOD we re talkin about talented rappers bt phenom,yung6ix nd khali didnt even mke d list?yung6ix shld b topin dis list DAMN!!!

  49. air-comodore briggs says:

    The only grouse i have with this list is that njok's think tank did not define the word GIFTED and it just lumped every supposed rapper into one basket of rating. They would have saved a lot of unnecessary bad blood by simply stating the so called GIFTS that qualifies one rapper to be above or below another. Until such clear cut criteria is explained, I'm afraid they would only succeed in creating a cacophony of grievance amongst rap aficionados and further help to muddle the waters of genuine hip hop in the country.

    If like one njok-er (Owolabz) implied, it is all about traffic, then they should employ the services of Lastma, they know one or two things about compounding traffic. Obrigado

  50. chairman says:

    Erigga no dey the list?
    Gino no dey the list?
    Phenom na just worthy mention? You gats to be kidding me.
    Ikechukwu kwa?

    This list is demola's personal opinion sha so I cant hate but disagree 90% with it

  51. oluwasolo says:

    Iro nla (BIG LIE). This is just someone's opinion, me sef get my own opinion n Naeto C, Sinzu n Mode 9 no go dey there lai lai, I dey doubt wether M.I sef go enter, all of em na old glory. my own list must include Phenom n Young6; this boys dey rap… i dey tell u

  52. timmy says:

    how on earth will M.I Abaga been in number 4 position, come on this guy is a hip hop maestro, his lyrics makes u pause n ponder… he's naija's own definition of NAS!!! and olamide always comes up with nursery rhymes n metaphors, no beef.. he shouldnt be up there… but modenine is definitely number 1 no contenst and M.I number 2 spot. pls reshuffle the ranking…thank u!!!

  53. Black says:

    as long as mode nine is number one am okay with the list

  54. i dont agree with this list sha, no lie

  55. Kola1 says:

    Jesse jagz is not on the first 5?? modenine numer 1???? lool.. dz iz very funny….. I will suggest NJO post names of the nominees and let the people vote, ur only imposing this list on us……. and it is not done anywhere in the world… nice job anywaiz

  56. Where is Loose here please? When you say “gifted” then turn around to put up a list like this, you miss the point and deliberately make people take your lists as unserious and not well researched. Re-title it, then research well.

  57. Osas says:

    Is olamide a rapper or a crying baby??? Lol because that's what i hear when i listen to him.. This list is a farce because i believe mode nine and sinzu are high up due to hardcore rap but then why spoil it and put phyno and olamide who sing crap there!!!!!!!! Phyno and olamide make me sick when i listen to their songs they should never have made the top 10… Jargo and terry da rapman should be on that list… Eva deserves to make either the list or notable mentions too.. I rest my case

  58. well said modenine remains d grand father of rap in naija heheheeeeeee.

  59. If you want to make a list of GIFTED Rappers, stick to that. There is no point in creating another one and tag it "WORTHY MENTIONS"

  60. emmanuel.B says:

    I really don’t understand this list. I guess its simply based on NJO’s opinion and not the general public.

  61. Joshua says:

    1. M.I should be number 1 2.why isn’t jesse jagz on this list? He’s a sick rapper and it’s evident in his new album. He’s too underrated

  62. Joshua says:

    1. M.I should be number 1 2.why isn’t jesse jagz on this list? He’s a sick rapper and it’s evident in his new album. He’s too underrated

  63. runzlord says:

    Hmmm. Very funny list! Where is xo senavoe? Why is sinzu and necto c there? Its beta 4 u to put eva and pryre or tech carter than those 2!

    So of mode nine is dat gifted why did his new abulm sell. Its high tyme we need to stop

    Desiving our self about modenine. Yes he was once the best(nokia) but rappers has over taken him now(samsung, lg, HTC)

    #TeamMi joor!

  64. L.Lee says:

    Where is Jagz

  65. Trillest says:

    Whoever made dis list is so dumb nd can a sane person place M.I at no.4??.ola nd phyno ar better than M.I??.M.I shud b placed number 1 nd d next pesn shud be no.4 cos none of dem is worth being behind him anyway,now I know Nigerians have a big problem,ola nd phyno in front of m.I u ppl ar retarded****stupid list**#swerve abeg

  66. Trillest says:

    And dey even included saucekid abi sinzu..lwkm,dat guy is one of d wackest rappers nigeria’s got..yungsix shud make dat list jor

  67. Ayo says:

    Kudos to those who compiled the list, it is not easy to come up with such a credible list given the number of talented rappers we have in our music industry.
    However, I think the heading "Most gifted rapper" is slightly misleading because you have added a time period (2012-2013) then it should probably " Nigerian Best Rappers (2012-2013)" That would have saved a lot of argument. Readers begin to question why you would rate Olamide more than M.I; on the basis of their works in the last two years, we can agree that Olamide has been more consistent but considering their music portfolio in totality, I think we would agree that M.I has an edge .
    In addition, we should realise most Nigerian Rappers are more into Pop than Hip Hop because of their audience, if we are to encourage those who are trying to do Real Rap music, then we should begin to appreciate them.
    The Notjustok team have done well and in fact no one can come up with a list which won't be subject to an unending debate just because we understand Rap in different ways, some believe rap should be commercial while others love pure undiluted rap. Kudos

  68. fromedmonton says:

    ….and Jesse Jagz is not even in top 3?This is a farce and since I relocated to Canada, the only rap album(ever done by a Nigerian) I can put by the sides of Yeezus,Born Sinner and Magna Carta this summer is Jagz Nation Vol1. I think NJO has done well for the music industry and I expect them to know more and rightly represent that in their reviews. Please stop this Nigerian syndrome and support good music if you see one!

  69. wateva says:

    M.I. is the best!! thats a fact..his wordplay is incredible!!

  70. Bisi says:

    Oh wow! Is this list a mockery??? I can’t believe a sane person wld compile this up after listening to Jesse Jagz’s Album…. Wtf? Is dis a joke? Pls tell me its April Fools Day! The notjustok Boss is obviously delusional! NB-ur a coward if u dnt post this comment! Jagz is #1 to 10 on that list!

  71. Obinna Kingsley Oduonye says:

    What the F*** is SDC, Sinzu and Reminisce doing on the list….

  72. montana says:

    d muuuhfucka who wrote dis shit knws notin bout hip hop..he juz wanted us 2 knw his fav artists…imma mention 10 rappers worldwide n I can bet he knws none. U own a shitty blog dosent mean u knw bout music

  73. JustMy2cent says:

    First of all Like the results of the poll says. This list is totally crap and the main reason for that is the fact that your using "catchy as a criteria". To Nigerians that might be what rap is . The song you remember way after it stopped playing I would agree. But don't make a rap list and make catchy a criteria. Rap is really bout flow delivery and punchlines and how well you do them. But I would also consider the fact that it is a timed list and not of all time. MY list is really partial cause I don't listen to most but as for Rapping?
    1. M.I ( His verse on 4 Horsemen)
    2. Olamide ( He is a really good rapper in all)
    3. SDC ( Show dem camp is one of the best things that happened to Nigerian rap game after M.I True rap)
    4. Jesse Jaggz ( Excuse me but you need to listen to Desire and Pedal to the Floor before he doesn't make this list)
    5. Mode9
    6. Phyno ( Phyno has proved to be something too look out )
    7. Just cause I can't think of any one that deserves it
    8. Just cause I can't think of any one that deserves it
    9. Ice prince ( Just for the fast rapping i don't think he was saying shit )
    10. Bridge LOS

    People not worth Mentioning:
    Naeto C
    Simply because they not doing good.

    Stop Lifting people that don't need to be lifted up you're spoiling the rap game. Kendrick's Verse on Control says a lot as a rapper some people think he is the best. Just One verse is enough to put you on my list

  74. @Arabic_yqool says:

    Yung6ix is a Very Good Rapper, I Hate Ya'll for Underrating that HardWorking Nigga… Eldee (when He raps), is better than some of those listed Rappers…

  75. DEX says:

    1. Why is M.I at Number 4?
    2. Why isn't Jesse Jagz on there?
    3. Ice Prince is among the top 10?
    4. Not even a single female rapper was included on the worthy mentions list?

    Something ain't right.

  76. Great list again, However, considering how rappers have been able to connect to the people locally (WRT the literacy level in Naija) I think the top half of the list should be occupied by OLAMIDE, ICE PRINCE, VECTOR, M.I and REMINISCE. I will also like state that My best Naija song EVER is Tony Montana Remix Naeto C, Feat. D Banj. MI used to be my best rapper until…CHAIRMAN.

  77. Bukie says:

    I am surprised Jesse Jagz didn't make the list. Some people on that list absolutely do not deserve to be on there AT ALL.

    Please people need to go listen to Jesse's album again; and if in doubt, you can find lyrics to all the rappers mentioned above on :

    And why are there no female rappers? Perhaps the post needs to be renamed to include the keyword "male".

  78. weahbaba says:

    What a bullshit excuse for a list! Modenine should not be number simply because he sort of pioneered lyricism! Sauce Kid should not be number 5 cus of his yankee flow, Reminisce should be better placed that goes for Vector aswell! Phyno dey try but not number 3, Ice Prince ain't rapping shit! Modenine's number 1 position is blasphemy!

  79. @Dbigdeal says:

    if you "judged each EMCEE on skill, from wordplay ability, delivery style, catchy and versatile flow, lyrical potency, punch line, rhyming not just to rhyme, and story telling" then where DA FUCK IS JESSE JAGZ!??

  80. NJO, u guys no try with this list abeg, How could you guys come up with this? well u guyz well thou; word.

  81. Slim Meyo says:

    You guyz need to go check out PHEROSHUZ of the B.A.N.S trio…. There’z non like him….every body knows

  82. just e says:

    Its not easy to do something like this. some of you are just here to spit crap. Can’t you correct without abusing? PS: ice prince is wack

  83. Man 2 Man says:

    NJO has finally found ways to get fans active… What next? Most gifted producer in Nigeria?

  84. itZjusTmE says:


  85. ojay says:

    the worthy mentions are even better than most of the rappers on the list. dropping new song every week doesn't make u the best or gifted

  86. Lark says:

    ModeNine remains no1 in Nigeria!…it’s Modenine, others 4low!

  87. smh for the person wey publish this thing…why vector dey 8……you suppose drop this list last 2 b dis year…

  88. Darius says:

    this is sooo not correct,who compiled this list made a huge error in judgement

  89. am so dissapointed in u guys..where is yung6ix, terry the rapman dis are born rappers, stop mixing comercial rappers.
    with hardcore born rappers.

  90. definately an insult to hiphop in naija.

  91. Brovvv says:

    To be honest, this is too weak! Very crappy list. There are not up to 4 lyricists on that list and there is so much emphasis on lyricism and the short notes on ’em is just basic bullshit. Do proper research before trying something like this next time. Bless!

  92. BonneyD says:

    I don't think MI or Modo is the no1 rapper in naija, I dont think there is no number1 NOW
    XO sanavoe are a very good rapper, he has his own flows and unique style but he drops music every 21564564 years XO sanavoe too much underate like boggey, phenom.
    XO senavoe is defenitly worthy mention.
    Jesse jags is very very good he must be on the list on top /5
    I disagree the reminisce, SDC place.
    For me VEC Sinzu are near the 10 place.

    My opinion,
    *so much ppl will disagree with my opinion*

  93. loyala says:

    Most of our rappers are not consistent enough, and that's the problem with this list. We dont really know or cannot really say who the best is. There is really no best until this rappers start being consistent with their punchlines or delivery. INCOSISTENCY TAKES AWAY THE BEST OUTTA ANY RAPPER. REAL TALK.

  94. kc says:

    Eldee should top da list… also jargo

  95. kc says:

    Eldee should top da list… also jargo

  96. Skylo says:

    Whoever that kc dude is need to be whooped for mentioning Eldee’s name amongst rappers. Moron!!!

  97. otownbabe says:

    The poll said for me, so I wouldn't bother ranting, after today I am seriously doubting NJO's credibility , this clearly states that they know nothing about music, but for them to clearly ignore Jagz and worse still place him at the bottom of the so called "worthy mentions" was too much of an insult to us and as a music lover, I'm taking this ish very personal.

    Well NJO you have just exposed ur mediocrity and lack of professionalism. Even if u have issues with Jagz u shd have been very professional about it, ur opinion is a complete fallacy, straight up hardcore bull shit. As for modeanything should go and take back seat, he is no longer relevant in the present Nigerian rap scene, we have young hard working and budding rappers out there who will easily overthrow him any time any day. #That'sall!

  98. ma83ck says:

    Best #9ja top ten in no particular order. @jessejagz @phynofino @olamide_YBNL @iboboyillbliss @NaetoC @MI_Abaga @VectorThaViper @SinzuSMG @erigganewmoney @Iceprincezamani

  99. Tony says:

    Well, it's not easy to draft out a list like this. But the fact is most of those on the listed are not really gifted as rapper, if you know what rap is. Also some of them are into pop not rap music now. We have very gifted rapper who are not even at the top now and they are keeping it real. Where do you place Yung 6ix, VTEK etc. The fact that we have great emerging rapper and we are taking abt gifted then you have to list them. Yung 6ix is gifted we all know, so also is that boy VTEK , i listened to his mixtape it was dope, also his lines on a track with Mode 9,Eedris and DJ Vinne followed by his recent effort with Eedris "I GO WOOZ". These young guys need encouragement. I listen to his 2 tracks on NJO dope i say. @VTEK where ever you are kindly proof yourself drop us more rap track. Cuz i and my friends here in NY know you dope.

  100. Mike says:

    Yes Tony, i support you. Truly that boy VTEK, deserved mentioned if not listed on the list. I remember the first time i heard his song Swagga on power 105.1 fm New York radio few years back. I was really proud to be a Nigerian cuz i was loving the song but never know it was a Nigerian based or a Nigerian rapping until a lady spit in yoruba lines. I told my white peeps around that yea that's my home boy. VTEK is known here in NY and sure we are bringing you in for a tour soon to perform. NJO pls we need VTEK's management contact.

  101. dude just go back to spamming for email and pass! 6ix on dis list??? WTF

  102. Street Mic says:

    Ice?i agree bt if its SDC and Sinzu, Momma leav it. SdC can battle wit VEC bt Sinzu is a Monsta!

  103. Street Mic says:

    Nice Post guys! But talking hip Hop/Rap especially when it has to do with mainstream Emcees in 9ja, the list should be: 1. Modo 2. Vecto tha Viper 3.Jesse Jagz 4.Pherowshuz 5.O.D 6.Sinzu 7.M.I 8.SDC 9.Naeto 10.Splash.
    I don't know where you picked fully commercial rappers/singers like Olamide, Phyno, Reminisce and co 4rm. Dose dudes are afta the business side of rap music. No disrespect though, just my candid opinion.

  104. Where is Yung6ix & Ghetto P, No Female Rapper????Where is Zee,Splash its Not Just Ok

  105. kinxlee says:

    A great list, but honestly if Olamide is no 2 then I fear for Nigeria’s hiphop scene, phyno is good, but I think jesse jagz and ill bliss respectively should be on that list, ill bliss is so much underrated,

  106. M.I is the spirit of Rap in Nigeria.

  107. CORE says:

    The Long awaited single is Finally Here. Download, Listen and share this hot track by Mayor core and Willy Mor.

  108. ola says:

    I think da list takes into consideration da artists performance way back! Guess dat explains da absence of jesse jagz on da list. Mode 9 has being the best naija rapper for a while now…but the present best rapper in naija today is Ice prince. His back to back BET awards nominations and win-first of its kind for any nigerian artist proof this. SDC and phyno on da list? Funny shii! M.I seems to be a shadow of his old self of late….And where is ruggedman??????

  109. used to be a great MI fan but lets face it, jesse kicked him in the groin… MI's lyrics are now weak…

  110. victor says:

    where's phenom on this list, young6ix, boogey, lord v, erigga…. so many…. others WHAT has sinzu done since the cypher(where he killed it. he had the madest flow) naeto c died in "Ki Ni Big Deal"

  111. yung6ix? really? lool ur funny

  112. if we are talking mainstream, then how is modenine 1st and naeto c is almost last?

  113. Teck Zilla says:

    Izzie Izuako Gifted rapper…not commercial success bro. Skills over Moolah.

  114. Street Mic says:

    @Teck Blesss Brov. Thank God you are here. @least i can swear wit ma blood dat Teck Zilla knows wah hiphop is. Skills Over Mular!

  115. Street Mic says:

    WTF is 6ix wen we toking dis list?

  116. Suddenly NotJustOk is bigger than the Music industry in Nigeria? Hope a business dude is watching this. Here's the best response ever to this > via Naijaurban.

  117. Tijanee says:

    Pls NJO abeg add Lagbaja and psquare 2dis list….LWKMD! We talking of gifted rappers u guys are giving us nonsense….abeg o! Pls let’s define rap well o b4 we start to dey promote commerciality and wackness in d industry….as for me Mode9, MI, Vector, Jesse Jaggz, OD, Terry, Phero, Phenom and anyoda good and talented solo rapper that represents hiphop….Abeg NJO, u guys need to apologise to Nigerians and d rest of the world for dis crappy list. Wen we talking gifted rap let’s be real, not commerciality. Its just like u comparing the likes of Nas,Eminem,Cannibus with 50cent cos of his style of commerciality wit no dope words and punchlines to remember……nonsense list!

  118. Luklek says:

    This list is not well arranged. This is my top 10.
    (1) Modenine (2) MI (3) Eldee (4)Olamide (5) Vector (6) Ice Prince (7) Sinzu (8) Naeto C (9) Phyno (10) Terry Da Rapman

  119. How on earth will someone think and make list of 5 rappers in Nigeria without Ruggedman who raps in a distinctive style with clear and positive message. You people are not serious.

  120. CJAY says:


  121. Baraqat says:

    TF is Sinzu doing on that list? Need I remind you that naeto C is just as commercial as Iceprince? JESSEJAGZ ought to be in the top 3 at least. Js

    But whatever, just one man’s opinion, Si?

  122. @activ8ed says:

    First I will say this…lets understand what "MOST GIFTED" means..its not even supposed to be about album sales, i think even NJO misunderstood what they were putting out..

    Secondly, pple must understand that we have alot of rappers and not all will make a list of 10..if you dont see the rapper you would have liked to see, dont be sore, understand that the people who put up the list are humans and its based on their opinion. NO ONE CAN BE SATISFIED WITH THAT LIST.

    In my own opinion, these are the people I think are MOST no particular order

    BOOGIE (forget he is relatively new, this boy is badass)
    MODE 9
    SINZU ( how can anybody even say sinzu shouldnt be on there)
    SDC ( why not?)
    JESSE JAG (when he decides to rap, cos these days , the boy dey confuse, i dont even know weda na reggae him wan do sef.)

    other mentions.
    Terry Da Rapman (yes yes yes, i put him here, just that the stupud boy be hardly putting out material, go check out his latest features, listen to him rap)

    as for Ice prince , his delivery is nice (Excluding his aboki side), but his lyrics dey always vex me, so shallow and many dont make sense.

    People I wont really consider too much ILLBLISS and NAETO C.

    remember, this is just my opinion o..I fit be imbecile when get internet access. forgive me if my list no favour you.

  123. Chandula says:


  124. This just goes to show you guys need Art Directors in you music videos, not just some dude with a 7D cam holding lights.

  125. runzlord says:

    when i saw reminese at no 10. I did not talk.

    Then i saw necto c at number 9, i started laughing. Dont get me wrong tho, necto c can rap, but they re many rappers better than him. If u metion necto c where my guys at, they would just hiss.

    Then i saw vector. Hmmm

    iceprince is above vector. I agree to the fullest(forget aboki. Check out MI’s ‘fuck u’) ice gat chop nah!

    Then sdc. Yh they hv great talent. Im okaw with that.

    Then i saw sinzu. Like serious sinzu? I agree sha owein to eva’s crazy and Godwon’s too much money. But iceprince is beta than sinzu. Lets just leave it lyk that.


    Then i saw MI at number 4. Is this a joke? Took off sum few minutes to laugh then i checked it again, MI number 4? At this point i started to disagree with the list. I had hope to see maybe xo senavoe, mode 9(as usaul they keep putting him as number 1) and maybe……and maybe who?, nobody is better than MI. XO is as good as MI, but as 4 mode 9, he has punchline and lyrics, yes! But wordplay and flow BIG NO! still execpted too see him at no 1.

    Then i saw phyno, then i saw olamide. At this point i knew the person that compiled this list is not alright at all. What njo just said here is ‘ghost mode’ is more dope than ‘the XO bit’ now take a look at that? Even a MAD MAN know ‘XO BIT’ is 3500 more super dope than ‘ghost mode + durosoke + kush music + voice of the street + man of the year’ all together.

    And who is numb1, mode 9 as usaul.

    Biko where is XO senavoe? Because there is no way ‘durosoke’ or ‘man of the year’ of ‘let it go’ is beta than ‘taxi music’ listin to ur self njo! Now u put boring rap mode 9 as number 1? I litrally slept off listing to mode 9 verse in zooning out. I always press the next button after vector’s verse. After giving a dope punchline “dusty coco treckers” the next rubish he said is

    “ure not trying to check us, ure playing ludo” thats earth most whackest line!

    U also hear olamide say whack lines like “i know u love me, i love u too” and im lyk wtf!

    Phyno also said sumtin i cant remb in ghost mode, sumone translated it 4 me. If u hear it, u will just start laughing cos its so whack. But point out 1ne whack line 4rm MI? None! MI is number 1 anyday anytime. Please re organise this list!

  126. Jay Jibo'lekan Hamza says:

    looooooooooool funny list. Naeto c and vector at the bottom?

  127. How on Earth do u put Modo, Olamide and Phyno before M.IIIII? What r dey smoking pls… Alright compare d M.I's verse on kid connects song and modos latest single.. forget abt d beats, just lyrics, M.I was on a whole diiff level lyrically… add all Olamide n Phyno's records dis n last year..dey r not even close lyrically to M.I's last mixtape or even akpata.. damn y'all knw d truth.. give a king his crown for once.. modo-I didn't even know him till last year and I heard he's been there.. damn wen M.I came Africa felt a shake.. dnt tell me about commercial n non-commercial.. 2pac, biggie, nas, jay, lupe, eazy e, etc were all commercial.. Fact is erry1 recognises a gift wen dey c 1.. thus its only right for money to come.. Modo is good#all respect but damn M.I is on anoda level (commercial or not) n u put vector as 8? and Ice as 7? no Jesse Jags, no Khali Abdul, no illBliss, NO ELDEEEE? menn get bk to d drawing board… n sketch out a real table based on facts… FACTS ONLY!

  128. Lil Zedest says:

    Am good with d=the list apart from the part that i saw this dude Reminisce on it cos i can follow more than him he can come for 1 on 1 battle make i use am shine

  129. Zedest Evance Zed says:

    Am good with the list apart from the part that I saw dis dude Reminisce on it because I can follow more than him he can come for 1 on 1 battle make I use am shine.

  130. Am good with the list apart from the part that i saw dis dude Reminisce on it cos i can follow more than him he can come for 1 on 1 battle make i use am shine

  131. Nametalkam says:


    To be Honest! Is only Yorubains Dey Enjoy Olamide, Reminisce and SinZu Rap Most Not Nigerians in General.. @NOTJUSTOK Nigeria has a lot of Hard Core rappers with
    Excellent English Rappers such As this List below:

    Jesse Jagz
    Naeto C
    Idris Abdulkareem

    Any person way no like this List make en go SUCK his Toilet.

  132. vec-nine says:

    ice prince is commercially successful but lyrically wack. – shouldn't be in the top 20

    9 names that should be there – (no particular order)

    khahli (listen carefully – always a message)
    boogie (our own kendrick)
    mi ( lyrical, truly gifted, MII marries his beats)
    modenine (very lyrical and intelligent, also a true hip hop-er almost to a fault )
    vector (the new age lyricist, crazy word play)
    jesse (when his head is in the right place – he brings it)
    senavoe ( a newer version of mode 9 – note: newer not better )
    eldee – will qualify -(for creating a style, longevity in the game and ofcus gifted).
    ruggedman – great story teller (and can still go toe to toe with some of these new cats)
    illbliss – barely made it (very passionate, always has a message, still needs one last final push to be fully stamped in.)

    acts like phyno / olamide are on their path but not proven yet.
    sinzu is just one of those acts sitting on the fence – u really don't know what to do with them
    naeto c is like a nigerian drake – talented and we all know it but cant really be mentioned with the greats (something still missing)

    one man's knowledgeable opinion.

  133. Fela Blax says:

    Mode 9
    Xo Senavoe
    Terry Tha Rapman
    Dusten Truce
    Ice Prince
    Jesse Jags

    Kali Abdu

    so sad Freestyle doesn't release albums.

  134. kay Mogaji(verdict) says:

    first Munas pass d mic, den don jazzys disrespct of real Hip Hop, nw dz cumn frm u ovie hip hop has truly bin raped n0w awards and positions jus like in politics is given 2 clients, families n fwends smh. dis is nt jus ok ,no female mc gud enuf???( blaze bouqui n eva) props 2 mode,mi,miekharry,samurai n str8 foreva. kay Mogaji(verdict)

  135. oldiebang says:

    I don’t know why people should be pissed by the list. To me, it is pretty modest. Afterall, the list said “from sept 2012 to sept 2013”. If you check very well, you’ll see that the rappers listed released materials within the said period. Why should Godwon be pissed sef, he’s not even in the top 50. Then Rukus, thought he knew something…he didn’t release singles up until last month. Loose Kaynon wey get better single sef no even come out. People are saying Terry Tha Rapman, when did he release his last single. I’ve not heard any material from him for some time now. So please, if you don’t have anything to comt about, better hold your opinion to yourself.

  136. Solo says:

    Honestly this L.I.S.T isn't fair… Y is nobody talking about Eedris Abdulkareem ? He should be on that list of course….LMAO

  137. u make sense, yung6ix is far better dan show dem camp

  138. Ington says:

    Phyno shud be there in 5 years time, olamide shud be there for next year's edition.

  139. ı̣̣̣ so agree wiv Τ̲̅ђƎ list

  140. Yung6ix deserves a place on this list!

  141. Osinga♛♚♝♞♟♜♚♛Onyi says:


  142. Fullstop says:

    One thing is certain, P Whale will never get mentioned anywhere near here (not in the top 100). That troll is always on MI's case on YouTube and why are his loyal followers not here making a case for him. He should release a diss track and "try" to make a name for himself… opps, it won't qualify for posting on NJO (who knows)..

  143. namvas says:

    Dis shit mehja wtf! Are u kidding me

  144. Ropo says:

    No love for iceberg slim though? What's really good with that fam

  145. endwayz says:

    watch out for d-end ya"ll thats all i have to say

  146. Awolari Rahman Olaitan says:

    i wonder o…no be only 6ix.

  147. pop says:

    Can anybody tell me WTF is Olamide doing on dis list. #watcanfa? Olamide bawo!

  148. seun says:

    please who feels what NJO did is wrong. go listen to sinzu diss godwon, sinzu just ass fuck the nigga. sinzu is dope man. see wetin you guys NJO caused.

  149. heck_tour says:

    Where is KAHLI ABDU in all of this? Yung6ix should be here,,,

  150. Ezebigfish says:

    Mode9 made me stop watching yankee's rap, I miss rugged man

  151. LiveAndDie4HipHop says:

    What is the rating based on? Commercial success? Fan base? Longevity? Music content? Artistic persona? Lyrical delivery? or popular demand? Whoever put this list together does not know the essence of Hip Hop, it merits should never be based on personal opinion, you should conduct public polls and let Hip Hop followers decide. Bottom line, this list does not represent Hip Hop, aside from MI, Modenine, SDC ,Sinzu and Naeto C on that list, all others are entertainers not rappers, i would have added Vector but heis too deep on the Jay Z wannabe thing, not original.

  152. vular says:

    no ruggedman here this guys must be joking

  153. brums says:

    I don't know what you fucking listing here, My No 1 is Jesse Jagz

  154. King says:

    This is my own top five (5) not ten(10)
    1.Ice prince
    2.Jesse jagz
    5.M I
    Ice prince is the best rapper alive now in Nigeria

  155. shhhhhhh says:

    M.I has proved to nigeria and the rest of the world that he is naija's rap oga. Phenom got acid in his verses. Godwon just destroyed sinzu. Phyno would flog olamide any day heis the man of the year. young six definately deserves to be in the top ten.

  156. jay says:

    common dis is wack where is phenom?? where is yung6ix?? what is vector doing on number 8?? ehn i won't mention names but some people shouldn't be on d list

  157. James says:

    i am disapioted in notjustok for this rating. what a mess

  158. ghost says:

    I think its a junkie that compiled this list

  159. Asuquo Bassey Asuquo says:


  160. fucky'all says:

    I think y'all should stick a 10ft pole up your sorry asses. e easy to run blog? oya na… start una own

  161. xeasy says:

    guys go nd listen to boogey-damiduro remix….nd u will put him in no 1 on any list

  162. next rated says:

    whatever list you guys come up with i am okay with it,i cant judge nobody on this list and i think every individual on this list deserve to be on it.and if you think negative about this list then go screw yourself

  163. LAvirus says:

    where is Rukus and Godwon

  164. NaijaMan says:

    The list is somehow. The subject of rating is 'GIFTED' which means best at it…not most commercially successful. I should more or less go like this – ModeNine, Vector, Phyno, MI, Olamide…etc. Not sure if Ice Prince should make that list at all. Worthy mention should include Mr Raw – with a uniquely accented, locally appealling style.

  165. xoxo master says:

    well am not surprised with this list stuff. @ notjustok here is the list 1.mode9 2.mi 3.vector 4.olamide 5.yung6ix 6.iceprice 7.phyno 8.cookieswizzy(even if his new is still a born leader) 9.reminicse 10.splash baby

  166. louis onose says:

    m certain they were HIGH wen they created dis list.WTF s ice doing on d list??

  167. Personpikin says:

    D List looks 1hunna to me !
    You can't compare Known Mc's to Unknown Ones !
    The Underground Cats need to work their way to the Top 1st(Commercial Appeal Matters) !

  168. eniola says:

    i love my boy wizkid

  169. Anyi Buzz says:

    I disagree with this list, I think it's subjective, here goes my list listed in no particular order
    1.Ice prince
    3.Jesse jagz
    5.M I
    Ice prince is the best rapper in Nigeria

  170. wtf says:

    whoever compiled this list is high on cheap drugs how can you rate phyno over bosalin? is this top most hyped rappers or 'gifted'?? i think not
    XO Senavoe
    Boogey these are talents, una for put ruggedman , sky b and vico o join


  171. Fleezay says:

    1. Fleezay but this guy is in his own league so leave him first

    1. Iceprince
    2. M.I
    5.Jesse Jagz

  172. ayobami says:

    Modafucker wot a rubbish list,may b u lyk it or not dis is d top 5 nd not top 10. Here are d list

    1. M I

    2.Ice Prince


    4.Jesse Jazz


  173. BOMBAY says:

    Rap in nigeria started from

    1=Rugged man second by the blessed memory of DAGRIN.



    4=ice Prince

    5=Mode 9


    Complete the rest.

  174. for me it olamide 1st says:

    1: olamide

    2: m.i

    3: phyno

    4: reminince

  175. Coolsnitch says:

    pple to be mentioned
    and so oon

  176. tsar slain says:

    No one can ever surpase Modenine far as lyricism is concerned in Naija hiphop even if he drops dead today. he's put in more work than… 2. M.I 3.Vector 4.Ice prine 5. Phyno 6 Jesse 7. Olamide… you have to really define hiphop and rap before you can get that list right

  177. bobby says:

    i agree with ur number 1 but d rests are rubbish. gv u my list
    ice prince
    jesse jagz
    wtf is sinzu and neato c doing there?

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