Watch Soundz Perform His Impressive Single 'Attention'


The Nigerian music industry as an incredible talent pool saturated with many gifted artists has never failed in gifting us exceptional artists year after year. It is the gift that keeps giving and Soundz is perceived to have been placed inside the gift box. He has been one of the exceptional artists cracking the surface of stardom in the last few years. His outputs have been quite sublime and the latest on his catalogue 'Attention' is not an exception.


The song was initially released 2 months ago but I guess good music never gets old. The gifted singer heads to the booth at Aktivated Sessions by Amazing Klef as he delivers an amazing performance of the impressive piece, Attention.

Speaking on Attention, Soundz has this to say: “Nigerian men sure know how to get a girl they really like. They would go to any length just to get the girl's attention. I wrote attention 2021. I made the beat at first, it sounded so romantic. I was so eager to jump on it. I wanted to show the length at which I could go to get the attention of someone I’m very interested in even if it wasn’t mutual."

Listen to Attention here.