VIDEO Premiere: Choc Boiz (M.I, Jesse Jagz & Ice Prince) - Nobody Test Me


The Choc Boiz are back in the building... and in full force!

As previously-posted, Nobody Test Me is the last song which was recorded and added to Jesse Jagz' new album "Jag of all Tradez" (which you can PURCHASE here on the site). Word is that it was recorded as a response to Kelly Hansome and other "up & coming" artistes "coming up quick" who may have taken shots at the Choc Boiz.

This gritty video shot by... who else... Clarence Peters could possibly re-ignite the beef trend in Nigeria. I expect more and more shots from other rappers. Brace yourselves for war!!! 🙂

Only one Kelly that I know.... Kelly Rowland!

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