Shallipopi unveils much-awaited music video for 'Obapluto'


Nigerian singer-songwriter Shallipopi has, at long last, unveiled the much-anticipated music video for his chart-topping hit, Obapluto.

The track is a shining gem from his highly successful debut EP, Planet Pluto. Within this EP, Obapluto takes its place among other sensational hits like the Elon Musk remix featuring Zlatan and Fireboy DML, Sharpiru, and Ahead Ahead. Shallipopi has earned the acclaim of many as the undisputed king of steez and rizz, a title he rightfully upholds as he exudes an unparalleled sense of style and charisma in the music video.

In this visual masterpiece, Shallipopi takes the opportunity to showcase not only his musical prowess but also the rich and ancient culture of the Edo people. The video opens with a spaceship gracefully descending upon Earth, a powerful and symbolic representation of Shallipopi as the illustrious "Pluto Presido." This grand entrance sets the stage for an exploration of the unique fusion of tradition and contemporary artistry that defines Shallipopi's work.

A particularly noteworthy aspect of Shallipopi's Obapluto video is the presence of one of the progenitors of the track, Pa Monday Edo Igbinidu. This presence indicates that any prior issues or disputes between Shallipopi and Pa Monday regarding the sampling of the track have been amicably resolved. It's a testament to the respect and honour Shallipopi holds for the cultural heritage he draws from and the importance of acknowledging and paying homage to the origins of his musical inspiration.

The video itself is a mesmerising creation brought to life under the skilful direction of Kemz and Q-Xtra. Their creative vision and storytelling abilities add a layer of depth to the music video that elevates it to a work of art in its own right. The meticulous attention to detail, vibrant visuals, and seamless narrative progression make this video a captivating visual journey.

Listen to Obapluto here.