"Sabi" Official Lyrics Breakdown by Ceeza Milli on NotJustVerses

Ceeza Milli

Exceptionally gifted singer, Ceeza Milli is one of the few voices in the Nigerian music industry with a distinct sound. He is currently signed to Aristrokrat Records and is gradually amassing a loyal fan base for himself.

Hooking up with Duncan Mighty in the studio, Ceeza Milli churned out a decent jam Sabi. He expressed his feeling of appreciation for a young lady on the song.

Ceeza speaks with NotJustVerses on this episode and tells the story of his meeting with Duncan Mighty and how the song came to life. He provides insight to the meaning of his lyrics on Sabi.

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1 year ago

Great content. Can you guys be creative with your backdrop ? Different color maybe ? What are notjustok colors ?