La Grace Releases New Single and Video 'Wait'


La Grace Releases New Single and Video 'Wait'

As the sonic footprint for Afropop continues to reach across the world, the pulse of popular music from west Africa is re-awakening connective tissues that exist between emigrants and their home countries while opening new lanes of expression in a number of artists. Ukraine-based Nigerian singer, La Grace, is at the of this uniquely 21st-century exchange of culture, mining the lived experiences he had growing up in Surulere around the early 2000s into warm, textured Afropop.

Some of the singer’s dispatches like “Chocomilo,” "Wake Up,” and “Shaye '' have shown a singer in the midst of a blistering, exciting come-up. Whatever the subject matter might be–hedonistic thrills, bleeding heart romance, a quest for social mobility or a gentle call for normalcy–Lagracemusic continues to find a way to spin words and melodies to his will. In his latest song, “Wait,” the singer interrogates the nature of romance over a simple melodic foundation.

Produced by Andre Vibez, “Wait” is an earnest for companionship that is both pithy and affirmative, carefully placing the focus on his attraction to a potential love interest. The song’s buttery production accentuates the message of Lagracemusic, making for a warm beginning to the year for the young and exciting singer.

The video shot in Ukraine is eye candy and a perfect visual representation of such a sweet record.

Watch the official video of 'Wait' by La Grace

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