Duncan Mighty


Duncan WeneMighty Okechukwu aka Duncan Mighty is the only son and child of his parents. “WeneMighty” is his native name though some people mistake it to be his nickname or stage name.

The road to stardom for him wasn’t an easy one as he was faced with a lot of challenges, growing up in the streets of Portharcourt where he learnt the hard way and bagged different experiences.

Duncan Mighty studied Audio Engineering and all his life has been surrounded by music, starting from his days in the church choir, to the training of other choirs. He also rendered his service to a lot of sound companies like Benson & Hedges studio, Dolphin studios, D’large Records and lots more as a sound engineer.

Duncan Wenemighty Okechukwu - Duncan Mighty

Duncan Wenemighty Okechukwu – Duncan Mighty

Birth Name: Duncan Wenemighty Okechukwu

Born: October 28, 1983

Genre: Afrobeats/Indigenous


In 2006, he decided to return to Portharcourt from Lagos to start a recording company of his own named “WENE MIGHTY RECORDS” but in 2007, his father passed on to the afterlife, a very difficult time for him and his mother.

Responsibilities where tossed at him being the only child of his parents but Duncan weathered the storm and put together a solo album that blew like a heavy wind all over Nigeria. This paved the way for him across the country and beyond but ultimately into the music industry.
This was the turnaround moment he so needed.

With the success of his debut album “KOLI WATER“, Duncan began to produce songs for many notable artistes having produced monster hit tracks from his first and second albums like “AKO NA UCHE“, “OBIANUJU“, “IJEOMA“, “PORTHARCOURT SON“, “I DON’T GIVE A SHOT“, “NA GOD“, “DANCE FOR ME“, “AHAMEFULA“, the list is endless.

Presently Duncan has been honored by the UN as a peace ambassador. Who says hard work doesn’t pay off? DUNCAN MIGHTY is a living proof.

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