DJ Neptune


D.J Neptune hails from Edo State and He was born and brought up in Lagos State. D.J Neptune has had a big feel for music since He was young and has always dreamt of being an entertainer.

Imohiosen Patrick - DJ Neptune

Imohiosen Patrick – DJ Neptune

Birth Name: Imohiosen Patrick

Born: September 25

Genre: Hip Hop/ Afropop

While D.J Neptune was in secondary school he developed great interest in DJing and after school hours he would go for Disc Jockey tutorials. Eva Blazin “D.J Neptune” as we all know him as being a Disc Jockey since 1999, He is the ceo of Neptune Entertainment. D.J. Neptune is also a member of the hottest coalition of Nigeria D.J’s all over there world, a member of Core D.J’s Africa and (W.F.A). D.J Neptune was also a nominee for the best world DJ category at the 2008 NEA Awards in N.Y, U.S.A.

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