Here is why Greenwood's transfer to Marseille could be stopped


Following initial reports of a potential move to Marseille for Mason Greenwood new reports now suggest that the transfer could be stopped from happening.

The June 2024 transfer window move for Mason Greenwood to the French Ligue 1 side Marseille might suffer a huge set back according to recent reports.

The mayor of Marseille has cast doubt on Mason Greenwood's potential transfer to the city, calling it a "disgrace." Marseille is currently in a difficult position as they are interested in signing Greenwood and are in negotiations with Manchester United over a possible transfer estimated to be worth over 20 million pounds.

However, due to the charges the English forward faced—alleged attempted rape, assault, and coercive and controlling behavior, which were dropped in February 2023—Manchester United decided against keeping him in their first team after conducting their own six-month investigation into his off-pitch conduct.

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With Manchester United unwilling to retain Greenwood, he was allowed to continue his career on loan at Getafe last season, where he performed well. However, the potential signing has caused controversy among Marseille's fans, who are already protesting.

The Mayor of Marseille stated: "I saw images that deeply shocked me. I believe he cannot have a place in this team. The values of Marseille and the values of Olympique de Marseille are anything but that. It’s anything but racism, anti-Semitism. It’s anything but… can you imagine, violence against women? Do you realize that? And he claims to play for Olympique de Marseille, Greenwood? It’s a disgrace. I will ask the president of Olympique de Marseille not to recruit Greenwood. I don’t want my club to be covered in shame. It’s not acceptable."

Additionally, Marseille's manager commented in a press conference: "Mason is a world-class player, but we have not recruited him yet. I don't know what happened, but I am not used to getting involved in my players' private lives. But if he comes here, you have to know that I treat all my players like my sons. I can tell them off in private, but I would never attack them in public."

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