Victor Osimhen reveals his favourite Nigerian artist


Napoli and the Super Eagles of Nigeria forward Victor Osimhen has opened up on his favourite Nigerian artist in his tell-all interview with popular YouTuber Korty.

Record-setting and breaking forward Victor Osimhen has shown that he knows his onions both on and off the pitch as the Napoli superstar opened up on how he sees life and what he enjoys about life when he is not on the pitch stealing the hearts of fans and setting new records.

As the wave of questionable social media decisions by the Italian side Napoli, which tossed the striker to the limelight as fans advocated that he be treated better by the club following a series of videos shared on the official tik tok account of the club, slowly withers away, a recent interview which the popular Youtuber shared, Korty EO has captured the attention of fans as they got to see the number 9 in a different and more calm and playful environment.

Victor opened up on how he saw life, but what caught the attention of fans was the music taste of the footballer as he revealed that his favourite Nigerian artist is the multiple award-winning rapper and music mogul Olamide.

What song does Victor Osimhen listen to before football games?

Victor, who opened up on how much he loves songs from Olamide, was very clear that he does not play with songs and albums released by the YBNL boss, indicating that he has songs he listens to for different occasions. When asked what he enjoys before a football match, he revealed that he listens to King Shi by Olamide before he makes his way to the pitch because of the deep meanings the lyrics convey.

Which Nigerian artists does Victor Osimhen listen to?

Aside from revealing that his favourite artist out of Nigeria is Olamide, Victor Osimhen also added that he enjoys songs released by the fast-rising artist Seyi Vibez. This is not far from the truth as the striker, on his latest trip to Nigeria during the club football break, showed just how much of Seyi Vibez he listens to as he was recorded singing along and also dancing to Seyi Vibez.

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